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Map of Venues for Expo Events

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Map of Venues for Expo Events

  1. Zone A: Asia Square (A03) Group Level Square 1 (A10) Group Level Square 2 (A03) 
  2. Zone B: Celebration Square (B01) Oceania Square (B02) Group Level Square 3 (B06) Group Level Square 4 (B03) Expo Center (B01) Expo Center Multifunctional Hall (B01) Expo Center Conference Hall (B01) Performance Center (B01) Special Steel Workshop (B01) Special Steel Stage (Large) (B01) Special Steel Stage (Small) (B02) 
  3. Zone C: Africa Square (C04) America Square (C07) Europe Square (C10) Amusement Park (C02) Group Level Square 5 (C10) Group Level Square 6 (C07) Group Level Square 7 (C08) 
  4. Zone D: Group Level Square 8 (D09) Group Level 9 (D11) Dock 1# (Jiangnan Square Middle) (D11) Dock 3# (Jiangnan Square Middle) (D11) Slipway Square (Jiangnan Square West) (D11) Entertainment Hall (D09) 
  5. Zone E: Exposition Square (Jiangnan Square East) (E-01) Corporate Pavilion Square (E05) UBPA Square (E08) 
    Systemic Section Water Area of Huangpu River (S-01) Magic Transformation between Boat and Bridge (S-02) Bei Huan Road (S-03) Long Hua Road (E.) (S-04) Miao Jiang Road (S-05) 

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