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Transportation to Expo Site

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Cross-river + Metro + Shuttle Bus

1. Cross-River

Cross river transport within the Expo site:

Cross-river visitor transportation is mainly through such three means as metro lines, cross-river bus and ferry.

Metro lines: Three stations and two sections are set up for World Expo metro lines. It is a two-line operation, capable to transport 40,000 visitors during the peak hour.

Cross-river buses: A bus line from Xizang Road in Puxi through the tunnel will connect the pavilions in various zones, which is able to transfer 40,000 visitors during the peak hour, 24,000 visitors in one-way.

Cross-river ferries: Two VIP docks, six ferry piers, five common shipping routes and one VIP shipping route are set up. The 5 common shipping routes have the capacity to transfer 20,000-24,000 visitors during the peak hour.

2. Metro

Shanghai will boost the number of Metro trains 150 percent by 2010 to handle the expected 70 million visitors to the city during World Expo.

The city will have about 200 more Metro trains within this year.

Newly opened lines 6, 8 and 9 are adding cars as well as Line 1 and Line 2.

During the Expo, Shanghai will have 200,000 more visitors per day and 400,000 on the busiest days. The subway system will be expanded to 400 kilometers by that time and will shoulder nearly half of the flow.

Metro lines 4, 6, 7 and 8 will have a stop at the Expo site, and No. 13 will be the trunk line within the 5.28-square-kilometer Expo site, Ying said.

The Shanghai government invested 30 billion yuan (US$4.22 billion) in Metro line construction each year. The Metro will consist of 35 to 40 percent of the city's transportation annually once fully developed.

To see map of Shanghai Metro (3268 *3331px; size:113kb; type: PNG)

3. Shuttle Bus
In the Expo site:

The first one is the cross-river line covering 14 kilometers. Vehicles go along the borderline of the Enclosed Area and bus stations are arranged on one side, 1 in Puxi and 4 in Pudong. A total of 130 passenger buses (12-meter-long) will be available.

The second is Puming Road line: it takes the visitor flow inside Pudong Site (about 15,000 person-time visitors during the one-way peak period). The total length of the line is 4.6 kilometers with 5 stations on both sides. 36 passenger buses (12-meter-long) will be put into operation.

The third and fourth lines are supporting lines especially for the short-distance transportation in the Pudong area within the Park. The vehicles are kinds of low-speed sightseeing buses and the distance between each station is around 100 meters. The one-way bus line of North Ring Road is about 2.5 kilometers and that of skywalk is about 2.4 kilometers.

Features of public transport with the Expo site:

Enclosed operation. Public transport system within the Expo site is independent and closed;

Separation of visitors and vehicles. Due to the density of visitor flow, the bus lane must be strictly separated from the pedestrian area;

Free of charge. The basic means of public transportation inside the Site is free of charge, such as cross- river bus, ferry, Metro line No. 13 and so on;

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