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Wuhan - Guangzhou High-speed Railway

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The Wuhan – Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, also known as the Wuguang Passenger Railway, is a 968 kilometers high-speed rail line and is the world's fastest train service averaging 313 kilometers per hour. The railway connects Wuhan and Guangzhou, operated by China Railway High-speed. 


Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway

The first commercial trains left Wuhan and Guangzhou North at 9:00am on December 26, 2009, and reached their destinations in three hours, compared with ten and a half hours for the previous service.

Railway Line

There are 18 stations on the line, and fourteen of them have been put into use. On December 9, 2009, test taking less than three hours to travel from Guangzhou to Wuhan during test runs, a train achieved a top speed of 394.2 kilometers per hour.

Railway Fare

The first class fare (deluxe class) is about 80% higher than the second class fare. The ticket between Wuhan and Guangzhou South Railway station is 490RMB and 780RMB for second and first class.

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