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Guizhou(贵州), located in the Southwest of China is famous for its nateral wonders and ethnic minority cultures. For photographers and hikers, the magnificent natural scenery of Guizhou is a must, but the essence of Guizhou lies in the pageantry of its minority groups. The many different ethnic minority groups living in Guizhou has kept their ancient traditions alive and has remained relatively untouched by the modern world. By traveling from village to village, you will be treated to an eye-opening journey of discovery.

Guizhou Tour Packages

Guizhou Tours, Guizhou Tour PackagesThe Guizhou tour packages will bring you to karst landscape and enjoy the fascinating customs of the abundant ethnic groups.

5 days guizhou highlights tour
5 days guizhou miao ethnic minority new year's tour
7 days guizhou minority villages exploration tour
8 days guizhou hiking & culture tour