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Dali Hotels Map

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Dali, one of Yunnan's most popular tourist destinations, has star-rated hotels with good services and hostels providing a range of lodging, such as Asia Star Hotel Dali and Landscape Hotel Dali. If you are a backpacker willing to experience Yunnan's rural minority culture or you don't demand for high-standard accommodation, we'd like to recommend you to choose accommodation in the ancient city where you can get a rare glimpse into the best historic customs of daily life within the Bai Minority.

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Hotels Location in Dali

5 star 5 star

  • Man Wan Hotel Dali 

4 star 4 star

  • Asia Star Hotel, Dali
  • Da Li Phoenix Spa Hotel

3 star+ 3 star+

  • Yilong Binhai Hotel
  • Run Ze Yuan Hotel, Dali

3 star 3 star

  • Huairen Hotel, Dali
  • Dali SanTaYuan Hotel
  • Golden Dali Hotel

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