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Map of Hotels in Guangzhou

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Guangzhou is a very important and rapidly developing metropolis in mainland China, offering discounted lodging and deluxe hotels, such as Garden Hotel, White Swan Hotel, Guangdong Victory Hotel, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, etc. Guangzhou is replete with every convenience in accommodation and transportation, making it accessible for visitors from home and abroad. It's highly suggested that you should make a reservation in advance if you decide to visit Guangzhou during the Canton Fair.

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Hotels Location in Guangzhou

5star 5 star

  • Phoenix City Hotel
  • YiHe Hotel, Guangzhou(Ocean Plaza Apartment)
  • Helenbergh International Hotel Mantion
  • Country Garden Holiday Islands Hotel
  • Hawana Howard Johnson
  • The Westin Guangzhou

4star + 4 star+

  • Nan Yang Royal Hotel
  • Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou Shangri-la Hotel
  • Royal Marina Plaza
  • Guangzhou Good International Hotel
  • HuaJu Grand Hotel
  • Regal Riviera Hotel Guangzhou
  • International Conference Center of South China University of Technology
  • South America Grand Hotel
  • Oriental Resort Guangzhou

4star 4 star

  • Liuhua Hotel
  • Hotel Landmark, Canton
  • WaKingTown Hotel
  • King Garden Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Hexing Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou Landmark International Hotel
  • Hotel Canton
  • Globelink Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Guangdong Foreign Business Club & Hotel
  • Guangzhou Yicheng Business Hotel
  • QiFu Resort Center GuangZhou
  • Guangzhou Parkview Square
  • New Pearl River Hotel, Guangzhou
  • The New Pearl River International Apartment
  • Raystar Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou University Business Hotel
  • Guangzhou Junyu Hotel
  • Yutong Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Zengcheng Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Shifu GuangzhouHoliday Inn Hotels
  • Ocean Hotel
  • Rosedale Hotel & Suites Guangzhou (Plaza Canton Hotel)
  • Guangdong Victory Hotel
  • Rundu Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Jian Li Harmony Hotel

3star + 3 star+

  • White Palace Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Euro Asia Hotel
  • Peach Blossom River Hotel
  • NanFang YiYuan Hotel Guangzhou
  • President Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou Can Beyond Business Hotel
  • Golden Bridge Hotel
  • Huanghuagang Blue Sky Hotel
  • Heroyear Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Warm Yes Hotel Guangzhou
  • Jianghe Hotel
  • Daysun Park Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou Fortune Hotel
  • Guangdong Tianhao Hotel
  • Master hotel(Tianhe Branch)
  • Guanzhou New Century Hotel
  • Songyuan Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Venice Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Desense Hotel Guang Dong
  • Guang Tao Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Star City Hotel Guangzhou
  • Grand Peak Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Pazhou Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Jindu Business Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Silver Bay Bailing Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Duobao Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou Customs Hotel

3star 3 star

  • Rihang Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Fengnian Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Lido Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou Sanyu Hotel
  • Chun Du Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou Grand China Hotel
  • Majestic Hotel, Guangzhou
  • GuangZhou ShangJiuWang Hotel
  • Sino Trade Center, Guangzhou
  • Baiyun Hongbo Hotel
  • HanFeng International Hotel
  • Guangdong Datang Hotel
  • Bostan Hotel, Guangdong
  • Silver-River Hotel
  • PengAn Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Yuanyang Hotel Guangzhou
  • Zhu Ying Garden Hotel
  • Guangdong Shamian Hotel
  • Guangzhou Huahai Hotel
  • New World Hotel Guangzhou
  • Shengtang Hotel GuangZhou
  • Tianda Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Xingcheng Oasis Hotel
  • Ginza Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou Fanghao Hotel
  • Guangzhou Yuehai Hotel
  • Guangzhou Guangwu Hotel
  • Guangzhou Fu Hao Hotel
  • Ai Du Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Jinying Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Five Rams City Hotel
  • Guangzhou Civil Aviation Hotel
  • Aiqun Hotel
  • New Don Franc Hotel
  • Renhe Good East Hotel, Guangzhou
  • Longquan Hotel
  • HuangPu Hotel
  • Guangzhou He Yuan Building


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