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Map of Hotels in Guilin

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As one of the most popular tourist destinations in China, Guilin provides accommodation from high-standard hotels to reasonable hostels, such as Sheraton Guilin Hotel, Brova Hotel Guilin, Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, Guilin Park Hotel, etc. Given its natural beauty and comfortable climate, it is not surprising that Guilin has always been an tempting place attracting large numbers of followers from both home and abroad every year. Thus, it is extremely necessary to make your reservation in advance during peak seasons.

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Hotels Location in Guilin

5star5 star

  • Guilin Merryland Resort Hotel
  • Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, Guilin
  • Guilin Royal Garden Hotel
  • Sheraton Hotel, Guilin Sheraton Hotels

4star 4 star

  • Guishan (huaxing) Hotel Guilin
  • Guilin Bravo Hotel
  • Guilin Park Hotel
  • Guilin Plaza Hotel
  • Guilin Ronghu Hotel

3star + 3 star+

  • Dongjiang Golf Resort Hotel, Guilin
  • Longsheng Hot-spring Vacation Focus

3star 3 star

  • JingXiu Hotel
  • Tailian Hotel
  • Guilin Osmanthus Hotel
  • Hotel Universal, Guilin
  • Guilin Grand 0773 Hotel
  • Xin Kai Yue Hotel Guilin
  • Guilin Zhongshan Hotel

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