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Home Inn Hotels in China

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  • JiangyinHome inns-Jiangyin pepole Road inn


  • ChangChunHome Inn-Changchun Sima Road Branch
  • ChangChunHome Inn - Changchun Quan'an Square Branch
  • FuzhouHome Inns - Fuzhou Hualin Road Inn
  • FuzhouHome Inn - Fuzhou Dongda Road Inn
  • FuzhouHome inn -Fuzhou Zuohai Park Branch
  • GuangZhouShengdi Square Guangzhou
  • GuangZhouHome Inn-Guangzhou Shangxiajiu Branch
  • HangzhouHome Inn (West Lake Culture Square)
  • HangzhouHome Inns - Hangzhou Moganshan Road Inn
  • HangzhouHome Inns - Hangzhou Wenyi Road Inn
  • HangzhouHome Inn-Xiaoshan Tonghui Road Branch
  • HangzhouHome Inn (Wulin Square)
  • JinanHome Inn-Jinan South Honglou Road Branch
  • JinanHome Inn (Ji'nan Jingsan Weijiu Road)
  • NingboHome Inn - Ningbo Yuehu Branch
  • NingboHome inns-Ningbo Liuding street inn
  • ShanghaiHome Inn-Zhabei Garden Branch
  • ShanghaiHome Inn-Luxun Park Branch
  • ShanghaiHome Inn - Songjiang Industrial Zone Branch
  • ShanghaiHome Inn--Xu Jia Hui Branch
  • ShanghaiHome Inn - Shanghai Stadium
  • ShanghaiHome Inn (Shanghai North Shanxi Road)
  • BeijingHome Inns - Beijing Qianmen Inn
  • BeijingHome Inn - Beijing Sihui Branch
  • BeijingHome Inn-Stadium branch of Changping
  • BeijingHome Inn-Tian' tan Nanmen Branch
  • XianHome Inn- Xian Bell Tower Branch
  • XianHome Inn(Xi'an Keji San Road)
  • ChangshaHomeinn-Top Star HotelChangsha Stadium Branch
  • ChangshaHome Inn - Changsha Wuyi Avenue Branch
  • ChangshaHome Inn- Changsha railway station branch
  • ChangzhouHome Inns -Changzhou Inn
  • ChengduHome Inn - Chengdu Wuhou Dadao
  • ChengduHome Inn (Chengdu Fuqin Branch)
  • HarbinHome Inn - Harbin Xuanhua
  • LanzhouHome Inn (Lanzhou Tianshui Rd)
  • NanjingHome inn Nanjing Television station inn
  • NanjingHome Inn - Nanjing Hunan Road Branch
  • SuzhouHome Inns - Suzhou Sanxiang Inn
  • WuhanHome Inn (Wuhan Tianmendun)
  • XiamenHome Inn- Changqing Road Branch, Xiamen
  • YantaiHome Inn--Yantai Bus Station Branch
  • ZhengzhouHome inn -Zhengzhou Hanghai Branch
  • ZhengzhouHome Inn(Zhonghuan Merchandise Branch)
  • ChongqingHome inns—Chongqing Shiqiao Branch
  • FoshanHome Inn-Shenping Road Branch, Foshan
  • FoshanHome Inns - Foshan Baihua Square Inn
  • JilinHome Inn - Jilin Beiqi Piazza
  • JilinHome Inn (Jilin Taoyuan Road)
  • NantongHome inns-Nantong China park inn
  • ShaoxingHome Inns -Shaoxing Moercheng Inn
  • WeifangHomeinns-Weifang Inn
  • WeifangHome Inn - Weifang Dongfeng East Street Branch
  • WuxiHome Inn - Wuxi Chongning Branch
  • WuyishanHome Inns-Wuyishan Dawangfeng Inn
  • ZhuhaiHome Inns-Zhuhai Jida II Inn
  • ChangshuHome Inn-Changshu Henshan Road Branch
  • YixingHome Inn - Yixing Renmin Zhonglu Hotel
  • LinyiHome Inn-Linyi Jinqueshan Road Branch

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