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Hotels in Lijiang and Maps

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Hotels Location in Lijiang

for Lijiang Hotel

5star 5 star

  • Lijiang International Hotel
  • Yunnan Aviation Sightseeing Hotel, Lijiang

4star + 4 star

  • Treasure Harbour International Hotel

4star 4 star

  • Lijiang Senlong Hotel
  • Golden Spring Hotel
  • Adange Hotel, Lijiang
  • Wangfu Hotel
  • Liwang Hotel, Lijiang
  • Lijiang Old town Bamboo garden Hotel
  • Lijiang Jian Nan Chun Hotel
  • Lijiang Jade Dragon Garden Hotel

3star + 3 star+

  • Maihao International Hotel
  • Zen Garden Hotel
  • Lijiang Huama Hotel
  • Meiyu Hotel, Lijiang
  • Brook and Bridge Inn

3star 3 star

  • Sanhe Hotel Lijiang
  • Dexin Hotel, Lijiang
  • YaoYuan Hotel, Lijiang

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