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Hotels in Pingyao

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Pingyao Hotels Map - Pingyao city is linked firmly to a certain prosperous time in China history, and played an important role in the economic development of Shanxi during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is famous for its magnificent old city and series of grand residences, including City wall, Qiao's Compound, Wang's Compound, Rishengchang Exchange Shop, Ming-Qing Street, etc. The hotels and accommodation around these sights include: Pingyao Yunjincheng Hotel, Deshenglou Hotel, Lize Yuan International Hotel, Pingyao Zheng Jia Lodge, Pingyao Yu Feng Heng Hotel, Tian Yuan Kui Hotel Pingyao, Yide Hotel Pingyao, etc.

Hotels Location in Pingyao

for Pingyao Hotel

5 star 5 star

  • Pingyao Yunjincheng Hotel 

4 star+ 4 star +

  • Hongshanyi Old Hotel, Pingyao 

4 star 4 star

  • Yide Hotel Pingyao

3 star+ 3 star +

  • Li Ze Yuan International Hotel
  • Deshenglou Hotel, Pingyao

3 star 3 star

  • Pingyao Zheng Jia Lodge 
  • Pingyao Yu Feng Heng Hotel
  • Tian Yuan Kui Hotel Pingyao 

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