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Hotels in Zhuhai and Maps

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Hotels Location in Zhuhai

for Zhuhai Hotel

5star 5 star

  • Paradise Hill Hotel, Zhuhai
  • Zhuhai Holiday Inn Hotel Holiday Inn Hotels
  • Grand Bay View Hotel, Zhuhai
  • Zhuhai Harbour View Hotel
  • Zhuhai Yindo Hotel
  • Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel

4star+ 4 star +

  • Dihao Holiday Hotel, Zhuhai

4star 4 star

  • Guangdong Regency Hotel, Zhuhai
  • Zhuhai Richmand Hotel
  • Hotel Jumbo, Zhuhai
  • Nanyang Seascape Hotel Zhuhai
  • Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) hotel

3star+ 3 star +

  • ZhuHai HongDu Hotel
  • Hao Tian Holiday Hotel
  • Zhuhai Yinzuo Apartment Hotel
  • Haoting Commercial Hotel, Zhuhai

3star 3 star

  • ZhuHai Popoko Hotel
  • Catic Hotel, Zhuhai
  • Tourist Hotel, Zhuhai
  • Bihai Hotel, Zhuhai
  • Home Inn-Top Star Hotel Zhuhai Xiangzhou Branch Home Inn Hotels


  • Home Inns-Zhuhai Jida II Inn Home Inn Hotels

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