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Frustrated by the soaring advertising cost and low conversion rates from the ads you buy? Looking for cost-effective ways to market your business and reach high conversion rates? Then, reciprocal links on ChinaTouristMaps.com could well be the opportunity you are looking for. You needn�t pay any money, but you will see strong return and value in cooperating with us. Click here to learn more About Us.

ChinaTouristMaps.com have created a place Recommended Links on each page to place the reciprocal links (rather than link exchange page) and to ensure a win-win, the reciprocal links on each page are less than 5 and the outgoing links one each page are less than 10. If your site matches the requirements below, you could enjoy this special opportunity to advertise your business on ChinaTouristMaps.com.


  1. The page rank of your pages is 3 or higher.
  2. We only swap with sites that are similar in theme and content, which means the content of your pages must be relevant to the topic of our page.
  3. Our URL should be placed on your content pages rather than link page, and we want the natural links.
  4. The outgoing links on the pages you provide should be less than 20.

If your site matches the above requirements and if you are interested in this program please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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You can also contact us directly: Email: infochinatouristmaps.com, if you are interested in Advertisting with Us or exchanging links with us.



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