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Beijing Districts Map - Detailed


Detailed Beijing Districts Map - here, we present a detailed map of Beijing districts, clearly marking the locations of the districts in Beijing: Dongcheng, Xicheng, Xuanwu, Chongwen, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, and Shijingshan.

Besides, the map also shows the famous tourist attractions and landmarks of each district:

Dongcheng District: Forbidden City; Yong He Gong Lamasery, Guozijian, Temple of Confucius, Tiananmen Square, Zhongshan Park, National Museum of China, Temple of Earth, Jingshan Park, Drum Tower & Bell Tower, etc.

Xicheng District: Beijing Zoo, Pagoda of Monk Wansong and Temple of the Moon.

Xuanwu District: Temple of Heaven, Niujie Mosque, Fayuan Temple, Liulichang antique market, Huguang Guild Hall, etc.

Chongwen District: Longtan Park, Quanjude, Bianyifang and some Peking Roast Duck restaurants.

Chaoyang District: the well-known Sanlitun bar street, as well as Beijing’s growing CBD, the Olympic Park, Beijing Capital International Airport, etc. Besides, it is also home to the famous Silk Street (Xiushui Silk Street), and many other market areas, shopping malls, and restaurant strips.

Haidian District: Zhongguancun, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Yuanmingyuan, Summer Palace, Haidian Park, Fragrant Hills, and more universities.

Fengtai District: China Space Museum, Fengtai Park, and the Marco Polo Bridge (Lugou Bridge).

Shijingshan District: Babaoshan Cemetery, Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery, Shijingshan Amusement Park, Shougang Industrial Complex, Institute of High Energy Physics, etc.


Detailed Beijing Districts Map

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