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Guangxi Map 2011, 2012


Here, we provide a detailed map of Guangxi Province in China, clearly showing its overall layout.

On the map, you can find all the cities, towns & counties of Guangxi, such as Nanning, Guilin, Ziyuan, Quanzhou, Xing'an, Yangshuo, Hezhou, Guangyang, Longsheng, Rong'an, Huaping, Lingui, Liuhou, Hechi, Sanjiang, Wuzhou, Guigang, Fangchenggang, Qinzhou, etc.

All places of interests are all shown on the map, including Mao'er Hill, Ziyuan Scenic Area, Longsheng Terraced Rice Field, Yangshuo Sceneries, Li River, Beihai Silver Beach, and much more.

Besides, the railways and highways are marked here for your convenient driving directions.

Guangxi Province Map

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