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Heilongjiang Province Map

Helongjiang Province

With Harbin as its capital, Heilongjiang is located along the northeast border of China. Covering an area of over 460,000square kilometers, it is a province on the utmost north and east of China with the highest latitude. With a population of over 36.8 million, there are about 35 ethical groups living in Heilongjiang. Among them the most characteristic ethical groups are Hezhe fishermen, Ewenki Hunters and Daur ethnical group, who raise mainly cattle. Heilongjiang provides you wonderful snow sceneries, with Harbin as the "Ice City", where tourists can enjoy the national Ski Festival and Ice Festival.

Location of Heilongjiang

Heilongjiang borders the provinces of Inner Mongolia to the west, Jilin to the south and Russia on the northeast. Historically it was one of the main gateways from China to Russian and Europe.

Heilongjiang is high in the northwest and low in the southeast, with mountains and plains each average 50% of its total area. The highest peak is Mount Datudingzi at 1690m. it contains the Muling River, the Naoli River, the Songhua River, the Nen River, and the Mudan River, all tributaries of the Amur's basin.

Climate of Heilongjiang

Heilongjiang is an absolutely summer resort with an average temperature being around 18? to 23? in July. In winter, the tourists would have to experience the harsh and extreme cold weather with an average temperature about -31? to -15?.

Transportation in Heilongjiang

Railways in Heilongjiang

Main stems like Beijing-Harbin, Harbin-Manzhou, Harbin-Suifenhe, Harbin-Jiamusi, Siping-Qiqihar, Qiqihar-Bei'an, Fuyu-Xilin and Linkou-Dongfanghong railways connect 2/3 of the cities and counties in the province, of which the railway from Suifenhe to Manzhouli via Harbin is the continental bridge connecting Asia with Europe.

Highways in Heilongjiang

Highway network in Heilongjiang extends in all directions, connecting Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou and over 30 cities of China. Suifenhe-Manzhouli, Harbin-Jiamusi express highways have been put into use.

Airways in Heilongjiang

Harbin is an international air terminal in northeast China. Flight courses from Harbin can reach Beijing, Shanghai and over 30 other cities in China as well as destinations in Japan, Russia and R.O.Korea.

Waterways in Heilongjiang

Songhuajiang is the major inland navigation course. Most parts of Heilongjiang, Nen Jiang and Wusu Jiang are navigable.

Travel &Sightseeing in Heilongjiang

Located in the most northeastern part of China, Heilongjiang boasts rich tourist resources due to its extraordinary geographical feature and climate conditions. Wudalianchi, located in southwestern part of Heihe city, has a perfect preservation of the original geographical conditions. Jingpo Lake is the largest mountain lake in China, possessing a particular and wonderful DiaoShui Lou waterfall. The Zhaolong Natural Reserve is the first nature reserve established in China for the protection of birds. There are also a variety of special interest tours catering for tourists, such as the ice and snow tour, the forest tour, the summer resort tour, and the border town tour.

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Helongjiang Map

map of heilongjiang province map

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Simple Map of Heilongjiang

Heilongjiang Simple Map

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