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Map of Shanghai Districts

Shanghai District Map

Map of Shanghai District

Shanghai District Map clearly shows the administrative division of Shanghai Municipality. As the biggest city in China, Shanghai is divided into 18 county-level divisions: 17 districts and 1 county (Chongming County). The 17 districts showing on Shanghai District Map are Pudong New District, Huangpu District, Luwan District, Xuhui District, Changning District, Jing’an District, Putuo District, Zhabei District, Hongkou District, Yangpu District, Baoshan District, Minhang District, Jiading District, Jinshan District, Songjiang District, Qingpu District, and Fengxian District. As one of the most popular travel destinations in China, Shanghai is always chosen as the first station of a China tour by more and more travelers due to its role of gate of China.

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Pudong New District (浦东新区): Lying on the east side of the Huangpu River, Pudong New District is a fast growing area in Shanghai and has comprised the majority of land in eastern Shanghai after its merger with Nanhui District in 2009. Pudong New District is home to Lujiahui Finance & Trade Zone, Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Building, Shanghai World Financial Center – representing the appearance of “New Shanghai”.

Huangpu District (黄浦区): It's also known as New Huangpu since the combination of the old Huangpu and Nanshi districts in 2000. As one of the most densely populated urban districts in the world, Shanghai Huangpu District is situated in central Shanghai, which is opposite to Pudong District. Huangpu District boasts several of the top tourist sites of Shanghai, such as the Bund, Nanjing Road, and Shanghai Museum.

Luwan District (卢湾区): Located in central Shanghai, Luwan District is a part of the old French Concession area and is famous for its boulevards. Shanghai Luwan District houses the historical residences of Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Mei Lanfang, etc. The best sections of Huaihai Road also sit in Luwan District, well-known for its fashion shops and high-class restaurants.

Xuhui District (徐汇区): Together with neighboring Luwan District, Xuhui District formed the old French Concession Shanghai. Xuhui District is also part of Shanghai downtown. Xuhui District has Hengshan Road, the most famous boulevard in Shanghai, and Shanghai Catholic Cathedral, Shanghai Olympic Stadium, Longhua Temple, etc.

Changning District (长宁区): Being a large area in western Shanghai, Changning District is also called Hongqiao district. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is located in Changning District. Places of interest in Changning District include Shanghai Zoo and Sassoon Park Garden.

Jing'an District (静安区): Named after Jing'an Temple, Jing'an District is one of the districts in central Shanghai. Jing'an District is one of Shanghai's business districts and one of the most populated districts in Shanghai downtao. Jing'an District is a popular place for expatriates to live with its convenient transportation and western-style atmosphere. It boasts the Shanghai Center, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Jing'an Temple, etc.

Putuo District (普陀区): Located in the northwest of Shanghai, Putuo District is bordered by Jing'an, Changning, Zhabei, Jiading and Baoshan districts. Putuo District is a critical traffic hub to connect Yangtze River Delta and China's mainland. Sightseeing in Putuo District includes the Zhen Ru Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, Pudong District Museum, etc.

Zhabei District (闸北区): Located at the northern part of central Shanghai, Zhabei District is one of the 9 central districts (Huangpu, Luwan, Xuhui, Changning, Jing'an, Putuo, Zhabei, Hongkou, Yangpu districts) of Shanghai. Places of interest in Zhabei District include Flower Port, Baohua Temple, Battle of Sihang Warehouse, etc. Shanghai Railway Station and Beijiao Railway Station (for freight) are in Zhabei District.

Hongkou District (虹口区): Situated in the northeast of Shanghai urban, Hongkou District is convenient in transportation and easy to get around to many other districts in Shanghai Municipality. Additionally, Hongkou District boasts 72 human cultural sites for tourists all over the world.

Yangpu District (杨浦区): Situated in the northeast of Shanghai urban, Yangpu District is at the northwest bank of lower Huangpu River and on the opposite river bank of Pudong New Area.

Baoshan District (宝山区): Baoshan District, situated in the northern part of Shanghai Municipality, is at the convergence point of the Huangpu River and Yangtze River. Baoshan District is where the famous Bao Steel’s head office and the main campus of Shanghai University located.

Minhang District (闵行区): Minhang District, set on the outskirts of Shanghai City, is mostly a residential district, yet home to some factories and production facilities. Minhang District is also a transportation hub linking Shanghai with the rest of the country.

Jiading District (嘉定区): Lying in the northwest part of Shanghai Municipality, Jiading District borders Baoshan and Putuo districts in the east, Minhang, Changning and Qingpu districts in the south, Jiangsu's Kunshan City in the west, and Jiangsu's Taicang City in the north.

Jinshan District (金山区): Situated in the southwest of Shanghai and on the northern shore of Hangzhou Bay, Jinshan District is one of the largest districts of Shanghai Municipality. Jinshan District is also the center of the economic zone covering Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Zhoushan.

Songjaing District (松江区): Songjiang District is located in the southwest of Shanghai Municipality and on the upper course of Huangpu River. As one of Shanghai suburbs, Songjiang District is a famous land flowing with milk and honey in south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and one of importance manufacturing base of subsidiary agricultural products in Shanghai.

Fengxian District (奉贤区): Fengxian Distrist sets in the south of Shanghai Municipality, which enjoys a very convenient land and water transportation. Fengxian District is famous for its beaches and ocean resorts. Bi Hai Jin Sha (碧海金沙), which means blue sea and golden beach) is a popular place for Shanghai locals to spend their weekends.

Qingpu District (青浦区): Situated in the west part of Shanghai Municipality, Qingpu District has a long history of more than 6,000 years. As part of Shanghai suburb, Qingpu is bordered by Jiading, Minhang, Songjiang, and Jinshan districts of Shanghai.

Shanghai Municipality Map

Shanghai Municipality Map features the overall layout of Shanghai Municipality, bordering Jiangsu Province to the northwest, Zhejiang Province to the southwest, and the China East Sea to the east.

Shanghai Municipality is one of the four municipalities of China, which are equivalent to provinces in China's administrative structure. Located in the middle of China's east coastal area, Shanghai municipality covers a total area of over 5,800 square kilometers with more than 13.43 million people living here.

Shanghai Map

Shanghai Municiplaity Map 2010

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Shanghai Simple Map

Shanghai Simple Map

Detailed simple map of Shanghai (600*600 pixel, file size: 47KB)

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