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Top 10s in China

As a vast territory country, China owns too many unique natural wonders, like Yangtze River, Zhangjiajie Scnic Park, Mt.Everest, etc. As a country which has more than 5000 years' history, China has created a lot of great history relics in the world, such as the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Terra-Cottra Warriors. As a country of more than 1.3 billions population of in total 56 nationalities, China has a diverse culture of living custom, dinning, living pace.

For people who are planning to travel in China or want to learn more about China, it is very easy to get confused by qustions like: where to go to explore beautiful landscapes? where should I go to taste the real Chinese food? where to go for shopping? What are the most popular things to do in China? Don't worry, we have summarized all your concerning, including Top 10 Attractions, Top 10 China Tours, Top 10 Tibet Tours, etc.

Top 10 China Attractions

  1. Lijiang Ancient City
    Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, special Dong Ba culture
    Lijiang Ancient City
  2. Sanya
    tropical paradise with endless sun, fun and seafood!
  3. Yellow Mountain
    uniquely-shaped pines, fantastic rock peaks, sea of clouds and hot springs
    Huangshan or the Yellow Mountain in east China's Anhui Province
  4. Jiuzhaigou Valley
    green lakes, multi-layered waterfalls, forests and snow-mountains, Tibetan culture
    Jiuzhaigou Valley
  5. Guilin
    finest landscape under the heaven, special karst land feature, best place to go for a hiking
  6. Gulang Island
    delicate natural beauty, ancient relics, and varied architecture, spectacular snacks
    Gulang Island
  7. The Great Wall of China
    as the most popular attractions in China, you can never miss: Badalin Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall
    The Great Wall in Beijing
  8. Zhangjiajie
    magical wonderland of Avatar, breathtaking scenery, national AAAAA Class Scenic Zone
    Zhangjiajie in south China's Hunan Province
  9. Potala Palace
    holy palace on the last pure land on Earth, pious pilgrims
    Potala Palace
  10. West Lake
    "In heaven, there is paradise; on earth, it's Suzhou and Hangzhou".
    West Lake

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To 10 China Rivers

  1. Yangtze River (Changjiang)
    longest river in China, Yangtze River cruise with exciting shore excursion
    Yangtze River (Changjiang)
  2. Yellow River (Huanghe)
    birthplace of ancient Chinese culture and the cradle of Chinese Civilization
    Yellow River (Huanghe)
  3. Heilongjiang River (Heilongjiang)
    4,370 kilometers, the 11th largest river in the world
    Heilongjiang River (Heilongjiang)
  4. Songhuajiang River (Songhuajiang)
    the beautiful views along the banks of the Songhuajiang River in winter
    Songhuajiang River
  5. Zhujiang River (the Pearl River)
    the largest river in south China, flowing into the South China Sea
    Zhujiang River (the Pearl River)
  6. Brahmaputra River (Yaluzangbujiang)
    the Brahmaputra boasts the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, the largest canyon in the world
    Brahmaputra River
  7. Lancang River(Lancang Jiang)
    a fantastic river with more than ten ethnic minorities living along the river.
    Lancang River
  8. Nujiang River (Nujiang)
    a total length of 2,816 kilometers and a drainage area of 324,000 square kilometers.
    Nujiang River
  9. Hanjiang River (Han Jiang)
    China's majority ethnic group apparently derives from this river
    Hanjiang River
  10. Liaohe River (Liao He)
    it flows 1,394 kilometers through Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, and Liaoning provinces
    Liaohe River

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Top 10 Beijing Nightlife Experience

  1. Beijing Bars & Cafes
    Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, special Dong Ba culture
    Beijing Bars & Cafes
  2. Beijing Opera Show
    gives a profound influence in China and plays a large role in Chinese culture
    Beijing Opera Show
  3. Beijing Acrobatics
    uniquely-shaped pines, fantastic rock peaks, sea of clouds and hot springs
    Beijing Acrobatics
  4. Beijing Kung Fu Show
    modern dancers have mixed elements of Kung Fu into their performance
    Beijing Kung Fu Show
  5. Beijing Teahouse Theater
    Laoshe Teahouse is an exciting cultural place to experience the authentic Tea Culture of China
    Beijing Teahouse Theater
  6. Beijing Modern Drama
    folk arts of Beijing style derived from life and loved by common people
    Beijing Modern Drama
  7. Beijing Spa & Massage
    There are many options available for massage in Beijing. The foot bath massage is Beijing's specialty
    Beijing Spa & Massage
  8. Beijing Theaters/Cinemas
    Beijing has many traditional performances in the Beijing-styled houses or theaters
    Beijing Theaters/Cinemas
  9. Cultural City of Beijing Night
    brilliant Beijing Opera, the elegant Chinese dance, the magnificent acrobatics...
    Cultural City of Beijing Night
  10. Beijing Night Shopping
    Wangfujing Street is one of your best choices, and the shops are generally closed at around 22:00.
    Beijing Night Shopping

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