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Top 10 Beijing Travel Tips

First time to Beijing?

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Our useful Beijing travel tips not only inform you about the common knowledge of life in Beijing, bust also provide you with detailed information of Beijing facts, such as, the Beijing weather, shopping, dining, entertainment, accommodation, safety, transportation, flights, tourist Visa, money exchange, Beijing tours, etc. Here, we list the top 10 Beijing travel tips which are the most practical and useful to guarantee that you will have a perfect Beijing trip.

Briefly, the Top 10 Beijing Travel Tips are:

  • Beijing Climate & Best Time to Visit
  • Whether Credit Card can be used in Beijing?
  • Where to have money exchange?
  • How to get the tourist visa?
  • Beijing safety - watch out the illegal taxis and tour buses
  • Beijing Transportation - getting in and around Beijing
  • Where to purchase cheap flight to Beijing or other cities of China?
  • How to booking ideal Beijing hotels for a tour?
  • What to eat in Beijing?
  • What to pack for a Beijing tours?

Scroll down and read detailed info about the Beijing top 10 travel tips.

Top Beijing China Tours 2013

1. Beijing Weather & When to go

Beijing Autumn Beijing enjoys the four distinct seasons, characterized by a long hot summer, long chilly winter, and shorter spring and autumn. Autumn is the best time to be in Beijing, with the mild temperature and clear and crisp days. It is usually enough to wear jeans and a sweater. Spring is also a good season to have your Beijing tour, but it is very dry and the sand storms always sweep into the city.

Summers are blazing hot, humid and rainy, while the winters are freezing cold with bitter wind, but bright, sunny skies and little rain or snow.

2. Credit Card

Credit Card in Beijing In large department stores of Beijing, major credit cards can be used to purchase goods, including, Master Card, Visa, JCB, American Express and Diners. However, they cannot be used in small restaurants or the convenient stores (CVS). Your credit card is usually used to pay for really expensive things, such as, for your hotel rooms and meals in some of the fancier restaurants, for your plane tickets.

3. Foreign Exchange

Money Exchange in Beijing The best places to convert your dollars into Yuan are at your hotel's front desk or a branch of a major bank, such as Bank of China, CITIC, or HSBC. All these operate with standardized government rates. You need present your passport to change money.

Although credit cards are gaining ground in China, for day-to-day transactions cash is definitely king. Getting change for big notes can be a problem, so try to stock up on 10s and 20s when you change money. ATMs are widespread, but not always reliable. Hunt around enough, though, and you're sure to find one that accepts your card.

4. Visa

Visa The most convenient for tourists to get tourist visas for China tour is through the Chinese travel agencies. Tourist visas are usually good for two months, and can be extended for an extra month at the Foreigners Section of the public Security Bureau in each big city of China. However, if you want to continue your tour in China for more than three months, you will have to leave the county, and get a new visa, then come back. Besides, you suggested carrying your passport with you at all times for the convenience.

5. Safety

Beijing SafetyBeijing is a pretty safe place, but going out late is not a good idea, especially alone. Though serious crime against foreigners is rare, pick-pocketing and purse-snatching has increased in recent years. Like anywhere else, it is always wise to be cautious especially when you are in a crowded place.

Crossing streets can be an extreme sport. Drivers rarely give pedestrians the right-of-way and don't even look for pedestrians when making a right turn on a red light. Cyclists have less power but are just as aggressive.

6. Transportation

Beijing Transportation You can travel Beijing by Beijing subway, city buses or taxis, however, subways are the fastest transportation in Beijing and they are a good way to avoid frequent traffic jams.

If you prefer the taxis, you should watch out the black illegal taxi. Besides, there are always the black illegal tour buses sending tourists to the Great Wall or other destinations of Beijing with unbelievable low price. But, they are illegal, and once you aboard their bus for the Great Wall, they have to make you pay additional fees again and again. Sometimes even the Great Wall is not real Badaling section.

7. Flights to Beijing and China

Beijing FlightWant to flight Beijing or other cities of China at best price? You can make reservations and buy tickets in your country through airline web sites or travel agencies.

However, we suggest you'd better contact a Beijing local travel agency to compare the prices, because, generally, the travel agencies of China can offer you the much cheaper airline tickets with airport transportation services.

Book cheap flights to Beijing or other cities of China.

8. Accommodation & Hotels in Beijing

Beijing Hotel Beijing is an international metropolis, offering accommodation from budget lodging to luxury hotels, such as Grand Hotel Beijing, Jianguo Garden Hotel, and Beijing International Hotel. Beijing has always been a hot tourist destination for visitors from home and abroad year after year. It is highly suggested that you should book your hotel in advance especially during the National Holiday (Oct. 1 – Oct.7).

The best way to find your ideal hotel deals in Beijing is to contact the Beijing local travel agencies, because they can offer the much more valuable prices.

9. Eating in Beijing

Beijing Roast Duck Cuisines from many different cultures permeate the Beijing dining scene. In Beijing, you will have a most unforgettable dining experience. The best part is that you can splurge at a fancy restaurant or dine supremely well at any of the smaller family-run operations located all over the city.

Beijing Roast Duck – There are two things you must do when touring Beijing: enjoying the roast duck and hiking Great Wall; Besides, the Beijing Imperial Court Food and the Beijing Snacks also cannot be missed.

10. What to Pack?

Packing for Beijing Tour In the end, what should you pack for your Beijing tour? Here, we list some tips on packing just for your reference. Besides, your packing should be light and compact, so that leaves more space to make your tour comfortable and pleasant. 

Passport & Visa; Air tickets to China; Emergency Card with your detailed contact info; A guided book with Chinese translation (Beijing Map attached); Money: Traveler's cheques, credit card or cash - cash must be changed for RMB at Beijing Airport; suggest you come to China with a sum of about US$ 2000 (all cash or half cash/half TC); bring with you a debt Card (Visa is a good one – MasterCard is well used too); Use only the ATM of Bank of China and withdraw the maximum every time (to save the tax); A water bottle; First-aid, especially protection against leech-bite.

In addition to above 10 things an international phone card is also important to get in  touch with your family and friends. There are various options of phone cards for making international and domestic telephone calls in China. These international phone cards are easily available in the market throughout Beijing.

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