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Top 10 Lakes of China

On the land territory of more than 9,600,000 square kilometers, there are thousands of lakes scattering around. During the past 5000-year China history, Chinese people lived around these lakes and created a great humanbing civilization. At the same time, some of these lakes have gorgeous scenery, and attrack millions of travelers to visit. Our travel expert have listed the top 10 of the most beautiful lakes in China for your reference.

1. Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake(鄱阳湖), lying in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province, is the biggest fresh-water lake in China. Lake basin was formed by the subsidence of the earth's crust and continuous mud deposit, like a gourd. For thousands years, Poyang Lake has always been nurturing the people in Jiangxi. The surface of lake is vast. Seen from a long distance, it looks as if a sea. Here is rich in aquatic plants, multiplying many kinds of fish, meanwhile attracting plenty of birds. For birdwatchers, it is an ideal destination. Moreover, whenever the sun rise or sun set, look out over the surface of lake, it is so breathtaking. Every year, many tourists are attracted to here.

Poyang Lake

2. Dongting Lake

Located in the north of Hunan province, Dongting Lake(洞庭湖) is the second largest fresh-water lake. It stretches among the Yangtze River, the Xiangjiang River, Zi River, Yuan River, and Feng River, flowing into the Yangtze River. The scenery of lake is fantastic, with the fame of lake in lake, hill in lake. Here not only the natural scenery is stunning but famous for the historical scenic spots. Traditional dragon boat racing originates from here, containing the profound Chinese culture.

Dongting Lake

3. Taihu Lake

Crossing Jiangsu and Zhejiang province, Taihu Lake(太湖) has an area of about 2,338 square kilometers, with 48 islets of different sizes and 72 peaks and peninsulas. One of the most famous islets is the Turtle Head Islet. It got its name because the shape of the islet is really like the head of a turtle protruding from the water. Here is the best place to view Taihu Lake scenery. Taihu Lake is famed for its lake, hill and some scenery created by human beings. Apart from captivating natural scenery, some ruins of historic sites are also worth a visit. One worth mentioning is the Grand Canal of the Sui Dynasty. Taihu Lake abounds with a variety of fish. Besides,traveling here, you can taste the appetizing fish.

Taihu Lake

4. Hangzhou West Lake

The beauty of Hangzhou lies in the existence of West Lake. Hangzhou West Lake(杭州西湖) is surrounded by mountains on three sides, eastward facing Hangzhou city. It consists of five distinct sections: the Outer Lake bounded by the North Inner Lake, Yuehu Lake, West Inner Lake and Lesser South Lake. As the famous poet Su Dongpo described” ripping water shimmering on sunny day, misty mountains shrouded the rain…” no one can’t be attracted by the alluring West Lake. The combination of natural landscape and creation of humans is the unique style of West Lake. Among natural scenery sit the National Silk Museum, National Tea Museum, Qiantang River Tide etc. Visiting there is as if going into a fairyland.

Hangzhou West Lake

5. Wuhan East Lake

Wuhan East Lake(武汉东湖), lying in the metropolitan area of Wuhan city, covers an area of 33 square kilometers. It is the largest downtown lake in China. Water of 33 square kilometers looks vast, with 12 different size lake, 112-kilometer shoreline twists and turns, 33 peaks surrounding. Lake water is clear, forest on peaks lush, reflecting on the surface of lake as if a mirror. Four seasons East Lake has alluring views. Get a different enjoyment depending on different seasons. In the springtime, East Lake takes on a picture of clear water and green mountains. You can raft on the lake in summer, a refreshing feeling occurring to you. In autumn, the heady fragrance of laurel blossoms waft through the fresh air and you can appreciate the beauty of plum blossom among snow in winter. Whenever you want, East Lake is worth visiting.

Wuhan East Lake

6.Jiaxing South Lake

Jiaxing South Lake(嘉兴南湖) is one of three famous lakes in Zhejiang province. The area of water is 98 hectares. It is so called because it situates in the south of Jiaxing city, together with southwest lake, forming Yuanyang Lake. South Lake scenic area is one of the Patriotic education bases. Here is the birthplace of Chinese Communist Party. The scenic area comprises South Lake Revolution Memorial Hall, Mid-lake Island, Red Boat of South Lake etc. It is a mirror reflecting Chinese history.

Jiaxing South Lake

7. Yangzhou Slender West Lake

Slender West Lake(瘦西湖) stands out among other lakes for its unique gardens. Originally here are criss-cross rivers. Superb garden-making art contributes to many landscape buildings. Willows stand at the bank of lake. On the long and narrow surface of lake not only are natural scenery, but with gardens of unique style.

Yangzhou Slender West Lake

8. Shanghai Dianshan Lake

Shanghai Dianshan Lake(上海淀山湖) is the largest natural freshwater lake, the origin of Huangpu River. The scenic area covers an area of 1600 hectares, Qingshang road through, dividing the scenic area into two districts. To the east is natural scenery, a 380-meter man-made levee. Green willows and red flowers on the levee. Standing on the levee and looking out, a vastness of bluish waves is as if connecting with sky. To the west is an ancient street, an ancient pagoda located here. The famous Grand View Garden is also situated in the Dianshan Lake Scenic Area.

Shanghai Dianshan Lake

9. Daming Lake

Located in downtown of Jinan city, north of the old town, Daming Lake(大明湖) is natural lake formed by many springs converging. Together with Baotu Spring, Qianfo Mountain, they make up the three places of interest. The water of lake can’t go up and dry up because of continuous raining or drought, keeping a fixed water level all the year. Around the lake is a stand of willows and lotus grow flourish in the lake. Artificial scenery also rich in the scenic area, temple, pavilion stand among trees and flowers, reflecting on the lake, presenting the long history of China.

Daming Lake

10. Thousand-island Lake (Qiandao Lake)

Thousand-island Lake(千岛湖), known as the backyard of Yangtze River Delta, has perfect ecological environment. It got its name because it has 1078 islands in the lake. The main typical scenery of Thousand-island Lake scenic spot are thousand islands, ripping water and golden waistband. It is the largest forest park in China. Thousand-island Lake has a vast expanse of mountains, lush forest, once billed as “the Most Beautiful Lake under Heaven.”

Thousand-island Lake (Qiandao Lake)

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