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Top 10 Shopping Malls in China

 China is one of the most attractive shopping paradises and destinations, from the roadside stall to the large-scale modern shopping mall, from the common store to a popular supermarket, which can satisfy all shoppers'desires. Generally, there are large-scale and high-class emporiums in the shopping center of a city, in which not only the domestic brands but also many well-known international brands are all sold. In the following page, we will introduce you the top 10 shopping malls in China.

Top 10 Shopping Malls in China


South China Mall Photo   1. Dongguan South China Mall

 South China Mall is praised as the largest mall of the world in 2005. It has leasable space for over 1,500 stores in approximately 7.1 million square feet of gross leasable area and 890,000 square meters of total area. The mall has seven zones modeled on international cities, nations and regions, including Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Venice, Egypt, the Caribbean, and California. However, due to its location in Dongguan suburbs, much of the retail space remained empty in 2008, with 99.2 percent of the store vacant. People have to drive a car when getting there, so the only occupied areas are near the entrance where several Western fast food chains are located and a parking structure repurposed as a kart racing track. It has been renamed as the New South China Mall in May, 2009. With a dozen stores scattered through a spaced designed to house 1,500, it is also the world's emptiest – a dusty, decrepit complex of buildings marked by peeling paint, dead light bulls, and dismembered mannequins.

beijing great gold mall photo   2. Beijing Great Gold Mall (Beijing Jin Yuan Mall)

Beijing Great Gold Mall is located near the Forth Ring Road in Beijing, boasting total area of 6 million square feet over six floors. It used to be the largest shopping mall from 2004 to 2005 at 1.5 times the size of the Mall of America. Although the developer of the mall initially estimated that the mall would have 50,000 shoppers a day, 2004 actual number was far smaller, as few as 20 in an hour. One problem was that prices of most items sold were far beyond the purchasing ability of most ordinary Chinese. Another barrier was the inaccessibility of Golden Resources Shopping Mall to foreign consumers because of what Forbes magazine calls “a tough location outside the heart of the city”.

shanghai bailian zhonghuan mall photo   3. Shanghai Bailian Zhonghuan Mall (Shanghai Xing Lida Mall)

It is the largest mall in Shanghai, located in the intersection of Shanghai-Ningbo Highway and Middle Ring Line of Zhenbei Road in Putuo District. The mall covers a total area of more than 450,000 square meters, with entire investment of 2.3 billion RMB. It has been renamed as Shanghai Bailian Zhonghuan Mall as a result of administers’change in 2007. Bailian Zhonghuan Commerce Plaza is currently one of the largest comprehensive shopping malls in Yangtze Delta Economic Circle, and is a giant and modern consumption place incorporating shopping, relaxation, and diversion.

guangzhou teem mall photo   4. Guangzhou Teem Mall

Guangdong Teem Mall is a large shopping center as well as one of the earliest shopping malls in mainland China. Boasting a floor area of 41,000 square meters with a building area of 160,000 square meters, it is invested, constructed, developed and managed by Guangzhou Teem Group. The mall enjoys an unsurpassed location, lying on the new axis of Guangzhou, the intersection of two branches of subway 3 and the transfer station of subway line 1 and air express line, and it occupies the center of Tianhe Business Hub and close to CBD of Guangzhou, Tianhe Sports Center and East Train Station of Guangzhou. Teem Mall integrates shopping, visiting, food, entertainment, leisure, commerce, advertising, telecommunication, display, fitness, etc.

No.1 Shopping Mall in Hainan   5. No. 1 Shopping Mall in Haikou

The mall is the only coastal shopping mall in China, because it is located on Beihai Avenue in Haikou with a total area of 430,000 square meters adjacent to Xiuying Harbor. It is divided into central business shopping zone, Huanrui plaza hotel zone, recreation zone, coastally sunny catering area, and green land relaxation area, and each zone is interlinked but also independent. It provides the service for customers with shopping, catering, entertainment, and relaxation. With the running goal of serving for the community and radiating the whole city, it sells upscale clothes, bags, hats & shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, bedding, etc. added by recreational amenities such as beauty salon, hair dresser, dry cleaning & film processing, food, internet, books. Therefore, consumers can fulfill their needs while shopping.

guangzhou china palaza photo   6. Guangzhou China Plaza

Since its operation in 2000, Guangzhou China Plaza has enjoyed wide popularity among consumers, receiving 300,000 people every day and even 700,000 people during the golden week. It is located in the center of Guangzhou and is opposite to Martyrs'park in the north and is neighbor to Hero Square acting as a recreational square to the east. Subway Line 1 can bring you there. After several years'continuous adjustment and brands portfolios upgrading, it has become a large shopping center with more functions and brands, better service and increasing fashion sense.

shenzhen causeway plaza photo   7. Shenzhen Causeway Plaza

Causeway Mall was recognized as "2005 No. 1 Brand in Shopping Mall Industry in China"and "2004 – 2005 the most Influential Shopping Mall in China". It is the first urban shopping mall in China, comprising 65,000 square meters: Causeway, Department Store, Causeway AV Store, Sporting House, Brands Stores, Causeway House, alongside other anchor parts. It collects over one thousand brand-name fashions and sets up climbing house, canteen, bank, children's amusement park, bookstore, teahouse, beauty center and other recreational and sporting programs. It distinguishes itself from others for having the performance of famous stars from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It is a symbol of fashion in Shenzhen and the cradle of mall.

hong kong harbor city photo   8. Hong Kong Harbor City

Harbor City is a large shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, part of a series of office blocks and hotels, comprising four parts: Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, Ocean Terminal, Ocean Centre (with 1980s retro decor), and the Gateway. The complex is located along the west side of Canton Road, stretching from the Star Ferry terminal in the south to China Hong Kong City in the north. The mall features many branded boutiques, such as Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Polo Ralph Lauren, Versace, Burberry, and Hugo Boss. The mall also has two cinemas at both ends, the Grand Ocean and the Grand Gateway; both are operated by Golden Harvest. It is home to the largest Toys "R" Us location in Hong Kong, and there is a large Lane Crawford in the Hong Kong Hotel portion of the mall. The outlet includes a new look and new features compared to its other stores by the group. The 3rd floor of Ocean Terminal was converted in the early 2000s into LCX, a collection of retailers targeted at younger demographics. Two supermarket chains, Wellcome and city' super, also have locations in Harbor City; the largest Hong Kong location of the latter is housed here.

shanghai grandview mall photo   9. Shanghai Grandview Mall

Shanghai Grandview Mall is located at the intersection of Tianhe Road and Tiyu Road East, close to the People Plaza, and connected to Subway Line 1, 3 and Guangfo Railway and Pearl River Delta Light Railway network. It has a huge enough space for 40,000 people shopping inside at the same time, and the daily visitor could be over 250,000 shoppers and visitors. 45% of the visitors are from River Pearl Delta, Hong Kong, Macau and other countries. Ith a total floor area of 57,000 square meters, Grandview Mall consists of a 48-storey five-star standard hotel, a 30-story first-class office building and a shopping mall complex. There are super-sized cinema for 3D movies, indoor ice-skating rink, various recreational facilities and lovely background music. It will refresh you with pleasant shopping journey in a stylistic environment.

shanghai times square photo   10. Shanghai Times Square

Shanghai Times Square is located on the commercially booming section of South Pudong Road in Pudong New Area in Shanghai, close to the tunnel exit of West Fuxing Road in the east and Nanpu Bridge in the south and tunnel of East Yan'an Road and Lujiazui Financial Center to the north and tunnel of West Dalian Road and backs against New Shanghai Business Center under construction. The complex has ten floors with a building area of 51,000 square meters, one of the household name shopping centers in Shanghai attracting a large number of world class brands including Dunhill, ESCADA, LAUREL, Givenchy, etc, with a shopping environment of fashion, coziness, notability, and elegance.


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