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Top 10 Things to Do in Sichuan

Sichuan is famous as the Land of Abundace(天府之国) because of its fertile soil and rich nature resources . It is also the heaven of traveler which has thousands of sightseeing spot and historical relics . Our travel expert have listed the top 10 of them to help you customize your Sichuan tours.


1. Giant Panda

Thousands of people travel to Chengdu every day, because there are Giant Panda there. These animals look cute and docile, but there are not many people know that the Giant Panda is the "living fossil" of nowadays. Their history can be dated back to the Pluvial Period(洪积纪) of about 3 millions years ago. And now Chinese people extoll the Giant Panda as the "National Treasure." Travelers have chance to stay close to the Giant Panda in the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base which is just 10km away from downtown Chengdu, and can be reached in about 35 minutes by taxi.

Giant Panda

2. Mt.Emei

In ancient Chinese poets' arts, Emei the best beautiful mountain with pleasant weather, splendid natural scenery and historical Buddhist sites, and now it is proudly reputed as the UNESCO Natural and Cultural Heritage Site. The Spring and Autumn are the two best season to visit the Emei Mountain when has the most amazing scenery and pleasant weather. Travelers will witness the splendid sunrise, sunset, cloud sea and the mysterious Brocken Spectre.


3. Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha, also named as Linyu Buddha, is the largest carved stone Maitrey Buddha Statue and the tallest (about 71 meters / 233 feet) pre-modern statue in the world. It is located at the affluxion of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers. Through a 90 years of construction, the Giant Buddha show its real face to Chinese people in the year of 803(AD). Leshan Giant Buddha is said to be built for calming the turbulent waters that plagued passing boats.

Leshan Giant Buddha

4. Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou, known as "the Land of Fairy Tale", is the most popular travel destination in Sichuan. It was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, attracting millions of travelers to visit every year. There are 3 valleys, about 108 lakes, 3 waterfall groups, a number of endangered plant and animal species in Jiuzhaigou. Following is a list of Jiuzhaigou attractions and highlights.

Jiuzhaigou Valley

5. Jinli Ancient Street

Jinli was said to be the "first street" of ancient Shu Kindom, and is now a part of Wuhou Temple Museum. It is a combination of the Three Kingdom culture and Chengdu local traditional culture,which also is a great place to relax now because it is equiped with a lot of drinking bar, coffee bar, music bar and other entertaining equipments. Night time is most recommended to visit Jinli Street. There are beautiful views of night lamplight, interesting folk shows.

Jinli Ancient Street

6.Kuanzhai Alley

Kuan Zhai Alley is regarded as the epitome of Chengdu where is the most "Chengdu-style", most "global", most "old", most fashional place in Chengdu. It consists of three alleys: Kuan Alley(Wide Alley), Zhai Alley(Narrow Alley) and Jing Alley(Well Alley) which lies parallelly in the central area of Chengdu City. Each alley stands for a living style of Chengdu people:

Kuan Alley: a leisure life;
Zhai Alley: a gradual life;
Jing Alley: a new life.

Kuanzhai Alley

7. Dujiangyan

There is a old saying-worthshipping the God of Water in Dujiangyan and worthshipping the God of Taoists in Qingchen Mountain, from which you learn the essece of Dujiangyan. Dujiangyan is famous for its great irrigation which was built more than 2000 years ago and is still working well.

Apart from the water irrigation, there are a lot other attractions to go, such as Er'wang Temple(二王庙), Fulong Temple(伏龙寺), Anlan Swing Bridge(安澜索桥), Lidui Park(离堆公园), Yuleishan Park(玉垒山公园), Yunv Mountain(玉女峰), Linyan Temple(灵岩寺), Puzhao Temple(普照寺), Cuiyue Lake(翠月湖), etc.

At the same time, Dujiangyan is also a city of gourmet. There are a lot of delicious local snacks for you to enjoy in Dujiangyan scenic area.


8. Qingcheng Mountain

Mount Qingcheng is divided into two parts - the 'Anterior Mountain' and the 'Posterior Mountain'. The anterior Mountain is the main part of the scenic spot, for a great combination of numerous ancient Taoist temples, historic sites and alluring natural beauty. The Posterior Mountain is a wonderful natural scenic area, and famous summer resort for the locals.

Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area consists of the "anterior mountain" and the "posterior mountain". When we often talk about Qingcheng Mountain, we usually mean the "anterior mountain" which one of the birthland of Taoism. In 2000, it was listed as World Cultural Heritage. The highlights of the "anterior mountain" is the ancient Taoism temples which were built by different themes. While the "posterior mountain" shows the fantastic veiws of mountains and waters.

"Anterior mountain" ticket price: 90¥
"Posterior mountain" ticket price: 20¥

Qingcheng Mountain

9. Sichuan Opera

Sichuan Opera is one of the oldest opera in China which is very popular in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou and Yunnan. During the hundreds years of evolution, the Sichuan Opera combined some elements of other opera in China, and formed a spectacular genre in Qing Dynasty.

Opera face changing show is a very important part of Sichuan Opera. It is often performed in the last part of opera show when is the most breathtaking moment. Actors can change face many times during a few minutes.

Sichuan Opera

10. Kangding

Even though Kangding is a very small town, but it has many good fames: "Hometown of Madrigal", "Birthland of Guozhuang Culture", "Vital Stage of Tea-Hourse Road". Many ethnic groups live here, and the Tibetan are the majority.

Kangding has the most beautiful nature landscape and Tibetan villages and plateau lake. The famous Kangba Tibetan are living here. Xinduqiao in Kangding was reputated as "the heaven of photography".


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