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Top 10 Cities of Chinese Food


Chinese cuisine and recipes have been spreading around the world rapidly. Whether you are in the mood for basic comfort foods like egg rolls and chicken lo mein, or more sophisticated selection like grilled octopus salad and Peking duck, these spots will satisfy your craving for a taste of the Far East. So pick up your chopsticks and dig in at one of these Top 10 Chinese cuisines, listed in cities with the most famous food and cooking.

Roast Duck  1. Beijing - Roast Duck

 As the capital city of China, Beijing is home to almost all kinds of cuisines and foods in China, and tourists can taste any flavors that you want. Although Beijing accepts the Western food in recent years due to the rapid development, the local food is still the most popular attractions for the tourists. Roast Duck is no doubt the best representative of Chinese cuisine, which has a centuries-old history seeming to be even more popular than Donald Duck. The roasted duck with bronzed crispy shin and tender, succulent meat, served by dozens of restaurants, among which Quanjude and Bianyifang are the best famous. Besides, Beijing Imperial Court Food, Beijing Snacks, Imperial Official Food, Medicinal Food and Hot Pot are also the best and special flavors of Beijing City.


Roast Suckling Pig 2. Guangzhou - Roast Suckling Pig

 Guangzhou is universally known for its excellent food, and Cantonese cuisine is one the famous eight in China with different flavors and styles, by using diverse and delicate materials, exotic spices and various cooking skills. There is a saying: "Except for the Plane and the stool, Guangzhou people eat everything in the sky and on the earth", through which we can get some idea of the variety of Guangzhou's delicacies. The most famous foods include the Roast Suckling Pig, Dragon Fighting against the Tiger, Taiye Chicken, Stewed Wild Dog Meat, Shuang Pi Nai, Jidi Zhou, Yuntun Mian, Chang Fen, Guiling Gao and many special fruits.


Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Buu  3. Tianjin - Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun

 Tianjin Dinging culture is renowned throughout China and the world, and not only the traditional Tianjin snacks, but also the cuisines from other regions of China can also be found because of its long and rich history and culture. Food Street is a fairly good place for tourists to sample these cross-cultural Chinese dishes and its traditional and famed snacks cannot be missed should you ever come to visit this charming municipality. Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun, Ear-Hole Fried Cake, Fried Dough Twist, Chatang, Guobacai, and Tangdui are the most famous and popular snacks in Tianjin and tourists always come to the Food Street to taste all of them.


Da Zha Xie  4. Shanghai - Da Zha Xie

 Shanghai, with so many business people rushing in, is not only China's economic and cultural center, but also a "Grand View Garden" for dinners of all tastes. Actually, Shanghai does not have a definitive cuisine of its own, but refines those of the surrounding provinces such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Known as Hui Cai among the Chinese, Shanghai cuisine is the youngest of the ten major cuisines in China, with a history of only 400 years. Shanghai Dishes aim at lightness in flavor, and beautifulness in decoration. The raw materials are well cut, and the colors harmoniously arranged. Sweet and Sour is a typical Shanghai taste. The Dim Sum of Shanghai foods and snacks are the Sheng Jian Mantou, Xiao Long Bao, Four Heavenly Kings, Da Zha Xie, Crispy Chicken, and Congshao Crucian Carp.


Chongqing Hot Pot  5. Chongqing - Hot Pot

Chongqing dishes are rich in flavor and use almost 40 different cooking methods in their preparation, and it is largely a hybrid of Sichuan cuisine and local specialty dishes. It would seem that people in Chongqing are never weary of eating, and thousands of restaurants and eating malls are scattered throughout every corner of the city, luring tourists from home and abroad with their different specialties. As one branch of Sichuan cuisine, Chongqing cuisine is noted for its distinctive spicy and pungent flavors, and they are spicier and stronger in taste. Chongqing is the birth place of the hot pot in China, designed to protect against the low temperatures and frigid winds of the winter. Nowadays, it has become more and more popular, widely enjoyed by people regardless of seasons and regions.


Double Skin Milk  6. Foshan - Shuangpi Milk

 Foshan is the hometown of delicious food of the Pearl River Delta, and eating in Foshan is a great praise for Foshan in history. Foshan chefs can cook almost everything into gastronomic delicacies, whether it is meat, vegetable or fruit. Influenced by its diversity of local flavors and specialties, Foshan has created a rich variety of dishes and snacks, and has formed its own food culture through hundreds of years of development and innovation. Additionally, the locals prefer to drink morning tea and evening tea, accompanied with some dim sum. The most featured snacks include the Foshan Manggong Cake, Double-Skin Milk, Nine Layers of Cakes, Wonton Noodle, Jidi Porridge, Goose Palm with Orange Peel, Sliced Frogs, and much more.


Dongpo Pork  7. Hangzhou - Dongpo Pork

 Hangzhou cuisine is the representative of Zhejiang Cuisine, one of China's eight cuisines, and it wins the reputation for freshness, tenderness, softness, smoothness of its dishes with mellow fragrance. A great poet of Song Dynasty once praised it as follows: there is no food that can compare with the Hangzhou cuisine. Famous dishes like West Lake Sour Fish, Dongpo Pork, Longjing Shrimp Meat, Jiaohua Young Chickens, Steam Rice Flower and Port Wrapped by Lotus Leaves, Braised Bamboo Shoots and Lotus Root Powder are widely known and popular among both local people and tourists. The best way to describe Hangzhou cuisine is the wide use of southern ingredients cooked in the typical northern manner, and this combination leads to a unique taste combing the dainty and the smooth, the crisp and the tender, the simple and the elegant, the small and the exquisite.


Nanjing Salty Duck  8. Nanjing - Salty Duck

 Nanjing cuisine has fine cutting techniques and is skillful in timing, hence, it has thick flavor with tastiness of the four directions and caters to tastes of people from eight directions. It wins over many specifically by its freshness, fragrance, crispness and tenderness. The most famous delicacy streets are Dashiba Food Street located near the Confucius Temple and Shiziqiao in Hunan Street, and the restaurants situated in Xinjiekou and around Nanjing University are recommended. The most featured snacks and dishes include Nanjing Salty Duck, Baked Duck, Duck Blood and Sweet Potato Starch Noodle Soup, Fried Beef Dumplings, Steamed Dumplings, Soup Dumplings, Sour Vegetable Fish Soup, Crawfish, Return to Sauce Tofu, Stinky Tofu, and much more.


Spicy Young Chicken  9. Changsha - Chou Dofu

 Hunan Cuisine is one of the eight famous kinds of cuisines in China, known for its delicate use of pepper, which results in a pungent flavor. It consists of more than 4,000 dishes, among which more than 300 are very famous, characterized by its hot and sour flavor, fresh aroma, greasiness, deep color, and the prominence of the main flavor in each dish. In Changsha, you can taste the most authentic Hunan dishes, such as Spicy Young Chicken, Zuyan Sark's Fin, Braised Eel, Chicken, Dove and Sparrow, Changsha Maren Crispy Duck, etc. Tourists can never miss its most featured and delicious foods include the Bean Curd with Odor, Changsha Maren Crispy Duck, Deyuan Steamed Bun, Liu Defang Tangyuan, Kouwei Shrimp, and much more.


Sichuan Hot Pot  10. Chengdu - Hot Pot

 Chengdu food and dishes culture is very famous at home and abroad, and there is a saying that "All good foods can be found in Chengdu". As the priority of the Eight Great Cuisines in China and famous all over the world for its richness and variey, Sichuan Cuisine is characterized by spicy and pungent flavor with a myriad of tastes, emphasizing the use of chili, red hot peppers and garlic. In Chengdu, there is a strange feature: lots of restaurants assemble to operate on the same street. Especially on the Yangxi Line, there are hundreds of restaurants operating different dishes: Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Chaozhou dishes, Northeastern Cuisine and even Korean Food. The most featured foods and dishes include the Hot Pot, Smoked Duck, Kung Pao Chicken, Twice Cooked Pork and Mapo Dofu.

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