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Maps of rivers in China- Top 10 Rivers

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The Biggest River in China:

  1. Yangtze River - 6,300km (3,915 miles)
  2. Yellow River - 5,464km (3,395 miles)
  3. Heilongjiang River - 4,370km (2,715 miles)
  4. Songhuajiang River - 1,927km (1,197 miles)
  5. Zhujiang River - 2,200km (1,367 miles)
  6. ...

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1. Yangtze River (Changjiang, 长江) opzioni binarie finanza

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2. Yellow River (Huanghe, 黄河) trader on line e cosi facile guadagnare con le opzioni binarie

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3. Heilongjiang River (Heilongjiang, 黑龙江) wztrader come fare soldi col trading binario

4. Songhuajiang River (Songhuajiang, 松花江) binäre optionen versteuern deutschland goptions com review

5. Zhujiang River (the Pearl River, 珠江)

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6. Brahmaputra River (Yaluzangbujiang, 雅鲁藏布江)

Brahmaputra RiverThe Brahmaputra is a trans-boundary river and one of the major rivers of Asia. From its headsprings in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, the Brahmaputra River flows first east and then south into the Indian Ocean. About 1,800 miles (2,900 km) long, the Brahmaputra boasts the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, the largest canyon in the world, 504.6 km long and 6,009 m deep. The river is an important source for irrigation and transportation.

7. Lancang River(Lancang Jiang, 澜沧江)

Lancang RiverThe Lancang River, also known as the Mekong River, is the longest river in the Southeast Asia, with a total length of 2,354 kilometers. It takes its source from the Tanggula Mountain Range in Qinghai Province, China. The Lancang River runs south until it leaves China at the Nanla Bayout of Yunnan Province and there from changes its name from the Lancang River to the Mekong River. The river finally empties into the Pacific Ocean in the south of Vietnam. The Lancang River is China's main artery of water carriage connecting Southeast Asian countries, and it is reputed as the "Danube of the East". The Lancang River is a fantastic river with more than ten ethnic minorities living along the river. The ethical cultures and customs are special and the scenic spots and historical sites are numerous.

8. Nujiang River (Nujiang, 怒江)

Nujiang RiverThe Nujiang River is originated from the southern slope of the Tanggula Mountain Range in Tibet Autonomous Region, flowing north to south across the Tibet Autonomous Region and Yunnan Province, with a total length of 2,816 kilometers and a drainage area of 324,000 square kilometers. The name of the river is changed into the Salween River after flowing into Burma from China, and it finally empties into the Andaman Sea of Indian Ocean at the Moulmein.

9. Hanjiang River (Han Jiang, 汉江)

Hanjiang RiverThe Hanjiang River, also called Han Shui River, is one of the most important tributaries of the Yangtze River with a total length of 1532 km. It rises in southwestern Shaanxi and then crosses into Hubei. It merges with the Yangtze at Wuhan in Hubei Province. The name of the Han kingdom and the later Han Dynasty and subsequently of the China's majority ethnic group apparently derives from this river.

10. Liaohe River (Liao He, 辽河)

Liaohe RiverBeing one of the largest rivers in northern China, the Liaohe River is called the Mother River by people in Liaoning Province. Originated in Qilaotu Mountain in Heibei Province, it flows 1,394 kilometers through Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, and Liaoning provinces, and at last empties into the Bohai Sea, with a drainage area of 201,600 square kilometers.

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