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Top 10 Xian Attractions

Xi’an, one of the four famous ancient capitals in the world, contains a long history of China. It covers a variety of attractions. Going there, not only the change of china history you can feel, but also the excellent ethnic culture and the natural landscape. A visit to Xi’an, an extraordinary experience! Here we list top 10 must-see attractions, so that you take it reference and make a good arrangement for your Xi'an travel.

1. Terra Cotta Warriors

Going to Xi’an, you must go to see Terra-Cotta Warrior. Terra-Cotta Warrior museum lies in the east of Lintong county, 37 kilometers away from Xi’an. With imposing appearance, it is the national relic protection unit. Terra-Cotta Warriors has large scale, powerful scenes, with high artistic value. It seems that every Terracotta Warrior can make the war reappear.

Terra Cotta Warriors

2. Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Big Wild Goose Pagoda, named Xi'an Dayan Pagoda(大雁塔), also called Daci’en Pagoda(大慈恩塔), stands out in the history of Chinese Buddhism, much importance attached all the time. Dayan Pagoda not only records the deeds of Master Monk Xuanzang, but also has witnessed Xi'an's 1,400 years of history. Here gathers the calligraphy, painting, carving art. When you go there, you can experience the excellent Chinese traditional culture.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

3. Ancient City Wall

Ancient City Wall is the most complete existing city wall, coupled with the moat and around-city park, forming a tourist attraction in Xi’an. Eleven city gates have changed a lot over the long years. Names of city gates reflect ups and downs of the ancient city from one side.

Ancient City Wall

4. Bell Tower

Bell tower situates in the center of Xi’an city, at the intersection of the east street, west street, south street and north street. It is the most complete and biggest bell tower. In the tower, various art exhibitions and performance are popular with visitors. It is most worth visiting for foreigners. Westward, face the Drum Tower, together forming a highlight of Xi’an. Every year many visitors come here.

Bell Tower

5. Shaanxi Museum

Shanxi museum, known as “ancient pearl, Huaxia treasury”, is the first large national museum with modern facilities. The unique appearance presents the style of flourishing tang dynasty, integrating the classical building style of tang dynasty and modern museum function. With large collections, shanxi museum contains profound cultural accumulation. Learning Chinese traditional culture, you can’t miss shanxi museum.

Shaanxi Museum

6.Great Mosque

Great Mosque is one of the famous islamic temples in the world. It is the crystallization of the islamic culture and Chinese culture. The structure and layout is full of flavor of the yard. Not only calligraphy is rich, but precious plants. Go into great mosque, quiet and peaceful, all noise and annoyance will disappear.

Great Mosque

7. Datang Furongyuan Park

The Datang Furongyuan Park is the large-scale museum, enriching the culture of tang dynasty. Here, you can have a feast of eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands. It is the first park to gather the five senses. Twelve different zones of landscape culture offer you different enjoyments. Frequent communications among nations in the flourishing Tang dynasty can reappear. Also, we can learn the origin of tea culture.

Datang Furongyuan Park

8. Xi’an Huaqingchi

The scenic spot, Huaqingchi covers the tens of famous garden buildings, much beautiful natural scenery. Moreover, here records the romantic love story between Emperor Xuanzong and beauty Yang. The earliest Royal College of Art came into being here. Well worth visiting.

Xi’an Huaqingchi

9. Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Lintong Lishan

After visiting places of historic figures and cultural heritage, enjoying the beauty of nature is a good choice. Lintong Lishan is good place to go. Distinctive forest and peculiar landform make you feel refreshed. Having enjoyed the natural scenery, it is convenient to experience the profound Chinese traditional culture.

Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Lintong Lishan

10. Song of Sorrow (Chang hen ge)

A visit to Xi’an, Song of Sorrow(Chang Hen Ge-长恨歌) is must-see attraction. Chang Hen Ge is the first to revive a complete love story in the original place. It is set in the beautiful Lishan and Huaqingchi. Going there, the elegant art will attack you, and the charm of permanent love is so breathtaking.

Song of Sorrow (Chang hen ge)

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