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Top 10 Yangtze River Cruise FAQs

Yangtze River Cruise is such an exciting experience for your to explore, but before your cruise, you might have a lot questions about cruise ship, cruise route, cruise payment guide, etc. He we have summarized some most vital questions which are concerned mostly, like: when is the best time to cruise the Yangtze River? Is extra bed available? Can I have a private balcony? etc.

1. Why Taking Yangtze River Cruises

  • It is about the Yangtze, the Three Gorges and mostly, the Three Gorgers Dam!
  • It is a relaxing and comfortable journey.
  • The All-inclusive cruises save much money and time.

2. When is the best time to cruise the Yangtze River?

Generally, Spring and Autumn are the peak seasons for Yangtze cruise, for the most comfortable weather and nice scenery, while winter is the best season for the greatest deals.

2. Can I pay the fees onboard by the Credit Card? Or I have to pay the cash?

3. If I travel with my little kids, can they arrange extra bed for my children?

An extra bed for children is provided, and ships rating above 4 star even provide special care for children such as a nursery and a day care, etc.

4. How to Get to the Port for My Yangtze River Cruise?

There are four main port cities for China Yangtze River cruise: Shanghai, Wuhan, Yichang, and Chongqing.

>> How to Get to Chongqing & Chongqing Port

>> How to Get to Yichang & Yichang Port

>> How to Get to Shanghai & Shanghai Port

>> How to Get to Wuhan & Wuhan Port

5. How long is the cruise vacation?

According to different cruise routes, the days of yangtze cruises varies slightly. Here are the durations of the popular Yangtze cruises:

6. Which cruise company should I choose?

It depends on your budget and time. But among all cruise fleets, the Victoria Cruise and the New Century Cruise are most popular. While the Yangtze Explorer is the most luxury ship.

7. How many types of cabin do the cruise ships have generally?

There are basically three or four cabin types available onboard, including: standard cabins, junior cabins, deluxe suites and supreme deluxe suite (including the Shangri-la suites on Victoria Cruise, President Suites on President Cruise, and Imperial Suites on Yangtze Explorer).

8. Can I have a private bathroom and balcony?

Most cabins on 5-star ships have a private balcony as well as private bathroom.

9. What kinds of foods there are on my cruise ship?

Dishes and foods are varied with different cruise ships series. However, generally, there are two kinds of foods and dishes, namely, the Chinese food and Western food.

Breakfast, generally from 07:00 to 09:00, is usually the Chinese or Western buffet, while lunch and dinner, also about 2 hours each, are provided with a table arrangement in Chinese style, and there are so much food and garment for your taste.

10. How do I pay for my cruise? Can I pay in Chinese currency? Can I pay the fees onboard by the Credit Card? Or I have to pay the cash?

You can pay by Chinese currency but it needs to be paid before you arrive. You need to pay for your cabins in advance before you board the ship. Your pre-payments are required.

Various available payment methods: PayPal, Credit, Western Union, Wire Transfer, and Cash Payment upon arrival. Read details about our Payment Guide.

Credit Cards are validated onboard. Tourists can use the Master Card, Federal Card, Visa, American Express, JCB and Diners Card, and at the end of the cruise, you will receive a completely itemized statement and pay them when you check out just like what you do in most of China’s hotels. >>more details

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