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Top 10 Yangtze River Cruise Ships

Yangtze River Cruise is the most relaxing way to explore a real China. While the scenery along the Yangtze River is one of a kind. Except for other attractions, you really have got o take a cruise to view the world famous Three Gorges Dam by yourself which you will definitely not regret for coming. Recent years, Yangtze River cruise industry is being on its blooming season.

There are about 10 cruise companies competing to serve guests from all over the world, among of which the Victoria Cruise and the New Century Cruise are the two best cruise company. With so many ships, you may have trouble in find a perfect ship for yourself. Don't worry, we have listed top 10 cruise ships according to their traveler ratings to help you.

1. Yangtze Explorer

If you ask which ship is the best ship on the Yangtze River, the answer must be- Yangtze Explorer. You may doubt, but you know what? Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Henry Kissinger all ever sailed on it. So far, the Yangtze Explorer is still possessing the throne of "the most luxury super 5 star Yangtze River cruise ship".

The Yangtze Explorer made her maiden voyage in 2008 with total cabins of 62, passenger capacity of 124 which both could be one of the smallest. But every cabin is quite larger than other's. At the same time, it is cozy and beautifully decorated. On this ship, you will served by the "one-on-one" butler service.

Yangtze Explorer

2. Century Legend

For cruise lover, you have got to take a chance to experience the brand new ship of the Century Cruises-Century Legend which is going to make her first voyage on April 20, 2013. It has a large capacity of 398 passengers, including 156 deluxe cabins, 40 cozy suites, and it sails between Chongqing and Yichang, offering large room space, public space and luxury amenities.

Outstandingly, there is an over 2,150 square foot heated indoor swimming pool and spa complete with bar, fitness center, private relaxation area and two dressing rooms with shower.

Century Legend

3. Century Paragon

The Century Paragon in one of the newest ships which is also the sister ship of the Century Legend. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art propulsion system so that you will not feel any jolt. The Century Paragon is a also a environment-friendly shiop which is almost vibration-free.

This luxury ship has a 7-story Grand Atrium lobby that provides views of the surrounding Yangtze scenery, an auditorium-style HD cinema seating up to 150-guests as well as an over 2,150 square foot heated indoor swimming pool.

Century Paragon

4. Century Sun

The Century Sun is a very experienced ship owned by the New Century Cruise. Sailing on Yangtze River for years, it is very popular with travelers from around the world with reasonable prices. Before 2013, this ship had been hired by the Viking Cruise, so its service and facilities absolutely are reassuring.

The Century Sun has 2 diamond suites, 14 executive cabins, 4 deluxe suite, and 112 deluxe standard cabins. They are all well equipped, cozy and clean.

Century Sun

5. Century Sky

The Century Sky is a master-class 5 star Yangtze River Cruise ship. It made its first voyage on the March of 2005. So far, the Century Sky has been reviewed as the best-value ship for the Century cruise.

The Century Sky is a moving 5 star hotel on Yangtze River which was totally built by the standard of a international 5-star hotel standard on land. It has 153 cabins with private balcony. And all amenities are well equipped.

Century Sky

6.Victoria Jenna

The Victoria Cruise has been the leading Yangtze cruise company since 1994. As the only American-managed cruise company, the Victoria Cruise is famous for its outstanding service. And the Victoria Jenna is the best ship of the Victoria fleets, and it sets the new standard for fine luxury river cruising not just in China but throughout the world.

The Victoria Jenna has 189 cabins with cozy accommodation, advanced hardware facilities, and also private balconies. All the staffs on ship are friendly and helpful.

Victoria Jenna

7. Victoria Selina

The Victoria Selina used to be an old ship, but it was rebuit in 2011. Brand new structure and facilities has increased this ship to an upper class. Maybe the Victoria Selina is not the best ship, but it is great choice for cruise because its price is very competitive. Besides, as a member of the Victoria Cruise, top standard service is ensured.

The Victoria Selina has only 100 cabins and 9 suites, but all are outside with private balconies and private bathrooms in room. It is fully well-conditioned, equipped with an elevators to all deckes.

Victoria Selina

8. Victoria Anna

The Victoria Anna is one of the best-value Yangtze cruise ships. It has large area cabins with at least 21m² so you have enough space for other stuffs. All cabins have private outsite balcony where you can enjoy great Yangtze landscape. While the price is low.

The whole ship is fully-equipped. Both West foods and Chinese foods are served on board. And you have a lot of things to have fun when staying on the ship, like all kinds of interesting culture shows, massage, spa, bar, etc.

 Victoria Anna

9. President No.7

The President Cruise has built two new ships: President No.7 and President No.8. As two sister ship, they are almost the same with same facilities, service and structure. They are also the two biggest ships on the Yangtze River with a length of 146.8m, a capacity of 580 passengers. Each cabin is large, cozy and luxury. And for the family travelers, it is a good news that most of cabins on No.7 and No.8 can be upgraded to triple room. The new ship design has also made great improvements in terms of safety, traveling comfort and ergonomics.

President No.7

10. Yangtze 2

Compared to other ships, the Yangtze 2 offers the lowest price while its facilities and service is excellent. It was built in 2011, and has 226 cabins in totall. At the same time, the Yangtze 2 is the only Yangtze cruise equipped with indoor thermostatic and constant-humidity swimming pool, the first indoor movie theater.

Yangtze 2

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