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Beijing Capital Airport Transfer Map - Shuttle Buses

Beijing Capital Airport Transfer Map with airport shuttle buses and airport express train - the airport shuttle buese and airport express trains will bring you to shuttle between the airport and Beijing downtown or transfer inter Beijing airport terminals. Reading through the following information to check out the timetable of airport shuttle buses and express train.

There are three way to transfer between Beijing airport and Beijing downtown: by airport shuttle buses, airport express train, and airport taxi.

Inter-terminal Shuttle Bus:

Route and stations: Entrance 5 of T3 Arrival Floor→T2 Departure Floor→T1 Departure Floor →Entrance 11 of T2 Departure Floor →Entrance 5 of TI Arrival Floor →T3 Departure Floor →T3 Arrival Floor→ Entrance 5 of T3 Arrival Floor
At landside, inter-terminal shuttle bus is available free of charge.

 Airport Express Train(Fare: CNY25/person)

Stations First Last Accessible Transfer
T3 06:21 22:51  ---
T2 06:35 23:10  ---
Sanyuanqiao 06:52 23:27 Subway Line 10
Dongzhimen  ---  --- Subway Line 2 and Line 13

Airport Shuttle Bus

Four shuttle services, departing from the airport (stationed on the arrivals level), to city centre (journey time: from about 45 minutes to 90 minutes). 16 yuan. Leaves every 15 to 30 minutes.
24-Hour Hotline: (010) 64594375/64594376 (mandarin only). http://en.bcia. com.cn/traffic-manual/airport-bus.shtml

Routes Operating Hours Stops Ticket Fare
Line 1: to Fangzhuang 07:00-24:00 Airport→Liangmaqiao→ Baijiazhuang→ Dabeiyao(Guomao)→Panjiayuan→Shilihe(Jingrui Building)→Fangzhuang(Guiyou Building) CNY 16
Line 2:to Xidan 07:00-the last flight arrival Airport→Sanyuanqiao→Dongzhimen→Dong SishitiaoQiao→Xidan(Aviation Building) CNY 16
Line 3:to Beijing Railway Station 07:00-24:00 Airport→Yuyang Hotel→Dongdaqiao(before 22:30)→Chaoyangmen→Yabao Lu→Beijing Railway Station CNY 16
Line 4:to Gongzhufen 07:00-the last flight arrival Airport→International Center→Xibahe→Anzhenqiao→Madianqiao→Beitaipingzhuang→Jimenqiao→Friendship Hotel→Beijing TV Station→Zizhuqiao→Hangtianqiao→Gongzhufen(Xinxing Hotel) CNY 16
Line 5:to Zhongguancun 07:00-24:00 Airport→Xiaoying→Yayuancun(Anhuiqiao)→Xueyuanqiao→Zhongguancun(No.4 Bridge) CNY 16
Line 6:to Wangjing 07:00-23:00 Airport→Wangjing Garden(west block)→Wangjingjie(west end)→Guangshun Dajie(North end)→Wangjing(Civil Aviation Management Institute of China) CNY 16
Line 7:to West Railway Station 07:30-24:00 Airport→Chaoyang Gongyuan Bridge(50 meters to the south)→Tonghui Hebei Lu(New Beijing TV)→Guangqumen→Ciqikou→Zhushikou→CaishikouGuang'anmen→Beijing West Railway Station(Zhongyan Hotel at south square) CNY 16
Line 8:to Shangdi Information Industry Base 07:30-22?00 Airport→Eastern Provence→Wangdu Jiayuan→Tiantongyuan Bei(end of Subway Line 5)→West 3rd Bloack of Tiantongyuan(north gate)→Huilong Guan Dong Dajie→Huilong Guan Xi Dajie→Huilong Guan→Shangdi Information Industry Base(Holiday Inn Express) CNY 16
Line 9:to Tongzhou District 09:30-24:00 every 30 minutes Airport→Beiguan→Xi Dajie→Beiyuan→Cuiping Beili CNY 16

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