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Hangzhou Airport Map

Hangzhou Airport Map - Currently there are no anilines to Europe, North America and Oceania in Hangzhou. Tourists from countries of these areas to Hangzhou can transfer at Shanghai.

Hangzhou Flight Schedul

 Destination  Flight Departing Time Trip Time 
 Hongkong Daily   First Flight  8:30/Last Flight 15:20  1:55--2:15
 Macao Daily  First Flight  9:45/Last Flight  16:00  2:05--2:10
 Bangkok Mon Wed Thur Sat Sun   First Flight  20:00/Last Flight 1:50  3:50(non-stop);4:30(1-stop)
 Seoul Daily  First Flight  9:25/Last Flight 15:15  2:50--3:00
 Singapore Tue Fri Sun  19:30  5:20
 Osaka Tue Wed Thur Sat Sun  First Flight  13:00/Last Flight 13:35  3:10--3:15
 Tokyo Daily   First Flight  13:00/Last Flight 13:50  3:55
 Beijing Daily   First Flight  7:20/Last Flight 19:50  1:50--2:00
 Guangzhou Daily  First Flight  8:00/Last Flight  19:00  1:45--2:00
 Haikou Daily   First Flight  17:20/Last Flight 21:35  2:20--2:30(non-stop);3:30(stop by shantou)
 Shenzhen Daily   First Flight  8:35/Last Flight  19:20  1:35--2:00
 Guilin Daily  First Flight  7:40/Last Flight  20:00  1:40--2:20
 Kunming Daily  First Flight  8:10/Last Flight 13:25

 2:35(non-stop);4:20(stop by Wenzhou);

 3:45(stop by Guiyang);3:30(stop by Guilin)

 Guiyang Daily   First Flight  8:10/Last Flight 16:10  1:50--2:10
 Changsha Daily   First Flight  8:15/Last Flight 20:50  1:10--1:25


Daily  First Flight  8:40/Last Flight 19:25  1:10--1:20
 Ha'erbin Daily  First Flight  8:30/Last Flight 21:10

 3:00(non stop);4:05(stop by Tianjin);

 3:50(stop by Qingdao);3:35(stop by Dalian)

 Zhengzhou Daily   First Flight  13:00/Last Flight21:30  1:20--1:40
 Chengdu Daily  First Flight  8:05/Last Flight 15:50

 2:15--2:40(non-stop);3:45(stop by Changsha

 or Nanchang)

 Chongqing  Daily  First Flight 8:15/Last Flight  17:15  2:00--2:20(directly);3:25(stiop by Changsha)
 Xi'an  Daily  First Flight 10:50/Last Flight 18:00  1:50--2:10(directly);3:30(stop by Hefei)
 Urumchi  Daily  16:55  5:55(stop by Lanzhou)
 Lanzhou  Daily  16:55  2:40
 Nanchang  2.4.6 Tue Thur Sat  15:50  0:55
 Xiamen  Daily  First Flight 7:55/Last Flight21:00  1:05--1:40
 Wenzhou  Daily  First Flight 10:00/Last Flight 23:00  0:40--0:45
 Jinan  Daily  First Flight 9:05/Last Flight 18:45  1:10--1:20
 Dalian  Daily  First Flight 8:30/Last Flight 21:40  1:35--1:50
 Shenyang  Daily  First Flight 15:05/Last Flight 16:30  2:05-2:10
 Taiyuan  Mon Wed Sat  First Flight 20:10/Last Flight 21:20  13:330--2:10
 Changchun  Daily  17:25  2:50
 Hefei  Mon Wed Fri Sun  16:40  1:00
 Nanning  Daily  First Flight 18:30/Last Flight 20:50


3:05-3:20(stop by Changsha)

 Qingdao  Daily  First Flight 8:30/Last Flight 16:10  1:05--1:30
 Fuzhou  Daily  First Flight 7:30/Last Flight 22:15  0:50--1:00
 Tianjin  Mon Tue Thur Fri Sat Sun  First Flight 8:30/Last Flight 18:45  1:30--1:45
 Jinjiang  Daily  First Flight 13:15/Last Flight 21:30  0:50--1:20
 Yinchuan  Mon Tue Thur Sat  18:10  3:50(stop by Zhengzhou)
 Zhuhai  Mon Wed Thur Sat  11:50  2:50(stop by Xiamen)
 Sanya  Daily  12:50  4:00(stop by Xiamen)
 Shantou  Tue Wed Fri Sat Sun  17:20  1:30
 Yichang  Wed Sat  19:30  1:45
 The Wuyi Mountain  Fri Sun  21:50  0:45
 Zhangjiajie  Tue Fri  20:00  1:30
 Xining  Mon Wed Thur Sun  First Flight 8:0/Last Flight 9:05  2:50

Note:If there's any temporary chang of flights,please check with the announcement of the airport

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

Lying or Xiaoshan District with a distance of 27 kilometers to the downtown of Hangzhou, it is a first class national airport in China and the largest airport in Zhejang province.

PS: Bus Information of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport  
     Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Bus

Starting Place: Wulinmen Ticket Office of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Intrernational Airport
ADD:390 Tiyuchang Road
First Bus:05:45/06.00-20:00 There is a bus every 15 to 30 minutes and it takes about 50 minutes to reach the airport.
Fare:RMB 15 yuan 
Tel:85151397 86662506

PS: It takes about RMB 90 yuan to reach the airport by taxi from Ticket Office of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.

Airplane Ticket Offices

Ticket Office of Hangzhou Xiaoshan
International Airport
390 Tiyuchang Road 11.28.152 85154259
Huansha Road Union Transportation
Ticket Office
53 Huansha Road Y8.151.55 87067057

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