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Bus Route Starting Time and the Interval Trip Time Bus Route Starting Time and the Interval Trip Time
?North Bus Station-Suzhou

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2:10 ?West Bus station-Quzhou 6:40-18:30
one bus every 60-80 minutes
?East Bus Station-Haining

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1:20 ?West Bus Station-Xin'an River 6:50-17:50
one bus every 60 minutes
?East Bus Station-Tongxiang 6:40-17:40
one bus every 20-40 minutes
1:00 ?West Bus Station-Tonglu 6:50-18:10
one bus every 40 minutes
?West Bus Station-Chun'an 6:00-18:40
one bus every 40-60 minutes

2:50 ?West Bus Station-The Yellow Mountains 6:20-14:40
9 buses
?East Bus Station-Jiashan 7:00-18:20
one bus every 40 minutes
1:40 ?North Bus Station-Nanjing 7:35-18:50
one bus every 40 minutes
?East Bus Station-Tiantai 7:10-16:55
one bus every 60 minutes
2:30 ?North Bus Station-Huzhou 6:20-19:00
one bus every 10 minutes
?East Bus Station-Xinchang 7:05-18:25
one bus every 50-60 minutes
1:50 ?North Bus Station-Wukang 7:00-19:00
one bus every 15 minutes
?South Bus Station-Zhuji 6:50-18:50
one bus every 20-30 minutes
1:20 ?North Bus Station-Anji 6:15-18:20
one bus every 20-30 minutes
?East Bus Station-Shenjiamen 6:55-17:45
one bus every 30-60 minutes
4:00 ?South Bus Station-Hengdian 6:50-16:50
4 buses
?East Bus Station-Ningbo 6:00-20:00
one bus every 10 minutes
1:50 ?South Bus Station-Dongyang 7:10-19:30
one bus every 20 minutes
?East Bus Station-Shaoxing 6:30-19:40
one bus every 10 minutes
0:50 ?South Bus Station-Yueqing 7:40-18:40
one bus every 60 minutes
?East Bus Station-Jiaxing 6:30-19:20
one bus every 20 minutes
1:20 ?South Bus Station-Wenzhou 6:50-19:30
one bus every 20 minutes
?North Bus Station-Shanghai 6:35-18:45
one bus every 30 minutes
2:20 ?South Bus Station-Yiwu 7:00-18:40
one bus every 20 minutes
?East Bus Station-Wu Town 6:20-18:30
8 buses
1:30 ?South Bus Station-Jinhua 6:30-19:00
one bus every 40 minutes
?East Bus Station-Zhujiajian 7:25
one bus
4:30 ?South Bus Station-Lanxi 7:10-17:10
8 buses
?West Bus Station-Longyou 7:10-18:10
one bus every 60-80 minutes
3:00 ?South Bus Station-Lishui 6:50-18:10
one bus every 50 minutes
Note: ?Zhejiang Speedy Passenger Transport Bus ?Common Passenger Transport Bus ?Extraspeedy Passenger Transport Bus ?Zhejiang Speedy Tour Bus

  • The above bus schedule is just for reference. Check with announcement of the bus station if there is any temporary change of buses. opzioni binarie demo free

  • If you are at any of the four bus stations or railway stations, you can take the free inner-station bus provided by Hangzhou Long Distance Transport Company. You can ask the driver for detailed information or inquire at Tel 86046666. software opzioni binarie einstiegsignale bei 60 sekunden trades

Name Address Bus Tel
Wulinmen Ticket Office 458-1 Wulin Road 155,K555and28 85152048
Huansha Road Union Transportation 53 Huansha Road Y8,151and 55 87067057
Hangzhou Railway Station(Ticket Office of Long Distance Transport Company) Exit of Hangzhou Railway Station Y2,K7and11 87832143

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Shipping Transportation(Waterway)

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