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Hangzhou City Transportaiton

Located at the stadium in the east of the Yellow Dragon Sports Center, Hangzhou Tour Bus Center is a tour supermarket with a combination of multifunctions includ-ing self-help traveling, tourist information consultation and passenger transfer. In May 2004, tour bus centers in Hangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing realized online ticket booking. Tourists in any of the three tour bus centers can buy a ticket to any of the scenic spots in the other two cities. "One ticket to anywhere" in the real sense has been realized.
Add:3 Huanglong Road (Stadium in the East of the Yellow Dragon Sports Center)
Bus:152, 16 and 28 
Tell:96123 87990788
Ticket Center: Waiting Hall of Hangzhou Tour Bus Center. You can book the ticket by
telephone a week in advance.

Tour Bus Routes (Starting from Hangzhou Tour Bus Center)

Route 1- Drifting in Shuangxi River and Gully Route
Route 3- Watery Regions and Ancient Towns
Route 4-Theme Parks
Route 6-Fuchun River
Y9- Multi-level Lake Sightseeing Bus (refer to P.16 for more information).
Note: Check with announcement of the tour bus center if there is any change of information.

Other Tourist Routes (Starting from Hangzhou Tour Bus Center)

Route(Date) Price (yuan) Route(Available everyday) Price(yuan)
One-day Tour of Zhouzhuang(Sat/Sun) 150 One-day Tour of Wu Town 65(Only Including two-way bus fare)
One-day Tour of Tongli(Sat/Sun) 150 One-day Tour of Shaoxing Watery Region 180
One-day Tour of Taihuyuan(Sat/Sun) 88 One-day/Two-day Tour of the Thousand-islet Lake 258;380
One-day Tour of Daming Mountain(Sat/Sun) 118 One-day Leisure Tour of Hangzhou 148
One-day Tour of Wu Town and Fuyan Temple(Sat/Sun) 120 One-day Exciting Tour of Hangzhou 165
One-day Tour of Xinchang Dafo Temple and Qianzhangyou(Sat/Sun) 165 Three-day Tour of the Yellow Mounations 510
One-day Tour of Hangzhou Safari Park(Sat/Sun) 80(Including tourist tickets and one-way bus fare) One-day Tour of Baiyuanyuan of Fuchun River 158
One-day Tour of Shuangxi Drifting(Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun) 98 One-day Tour of Tonglu Yaolin Fairyland 172
One-day Tour of Hangzhou Shangougou tourist Area(Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun) 118 One-day Tour of the Family in the Mountain 40
One-day Tour of Ancient Yanguan Town(Dependent on the day) Route A:98 yuan
Route B:90 yuan

  • Unless explained in particular, the above prices include two-way tickets and entrance ticks of the scenic spots. Accommodation fees are also included in tours over two days.
  • There is a sightseeing tour of RMB 20 yuan per person on the city-surrounding highway. You need to book it in advance.
  • Airport Bus: non-stop shuttle bus from Hangzhou Tour Bus Center to Shanghai Pudong International Airport: bus fare RMB100 yuan per per
  • Check with announcement of the tour bus center if there is any change of information.

Urban Transportation

Bus Tel: 85191122(Consultation/Complaint)
  There are lots of buses in the city area of Hangzhou. Public transportation lines to scenic spots are Bus Yl~Y7,Y9 and K7;On Bus Y1,Y2 andY9 there are traffic guides introducing scenic spots on the way in Chinese. What's more, the stops are reported in both Chinese and English. The routes of West Lake night tour are No. 1 night tour route (Wulin square is the starting and end stop) and No. 2 night tour route (Hangzhou Railway station is the starting and end stop).

Buses are generally classified into common buses, air-conditioned buses (there is a K before the route number), two-floor buses and medium-sized buses. Most of the buses adopt one-ticket system. One ticket costs you RMB 1 yuan on common buses, RMB 2 yuan on air-conditioned ones, RMB 3 to 5 yuan on tour buses(Y before route number) and RMB 5 yuan on night tour buses. Most are self-service buses and don't provide any change. So passengers have to prepare some change before getting on buses. Meanwhile, passengers can use public transport IC card.

Bus Route Enquiries(Website of Hangzhou Public Transport Corporation):www.hzbus.com.cn


The model and condition of taxis in Hangzhou are one of the best among Chinese cities. There is a sign saying "TAXI" at the top of a taxi. It is very convenient to take a taxi in Hangzhou and there is 24 hour service. Taxies charge according to the meter. The start price is RMB10 yuan within 4 kilometers. RMB 2 yuan a kilometer is charged within 8 kilometers and RMB 2.4 yuan a kilometer beyond 8 kilometers. RMB 2 yuan per 5 minute, is charged for waiting.

Taxi Calling: 28811111 Taxi Complaint: 96520
Kind Reminder: 7:00-8:30 and 17:00-18:30 are rush hours every day. It is very crowded on buses. It is not easy to find a taxi. In order to save your legal rights, don't forget to ask for the invoice when you get off the taxi.

Car Rental

In Hangzhou car rental has become a new choice for travelers.A renter has to provide valid certificates such as ID card, driving license and household register, pay a deposit and transact related procedures.Rental prices vary with different models of cars.The rental price of the same model is also different in different companies.

Some Car Rental Companies Address Bus Tel.
Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Travel Bus Company Sales Center 32, Huaguang Road Y8,30,38 87026218
Zhejiang Zhongzu Bus Rental Co.Ltd. 453, Xixi Road 30,15,152 85126555
Zhejiang Guoxin Bus Rental Co.Ltd. 139,Tiyuchang Road 28,516 85173562

Rental Price (for reference)
Santana(common):RMB 200 to 250 yuan per day;
Santana (model 2000): RMB 300 to 350 per day.
Chery: RMB 200 to 250 yuan per day; Citroen: RMB 200 to 220 yuan per day
Note: The time of car rental is 24 hours per day with a daily mileage within 200 kilometers. RMB 1 to 3 yuan per kilometer is charged according to different car models. If the mileage is lower than100 kilometers per day, only half a day is counted. If you want to rent a driver in the car rentalcompany at the same time, the rental price will rise correspondingly.


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