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Transportation in Tianjin

Tianjin Transportation Map - Tianjin has always been an important inland harbour, situated 40 km from the Yellow Sea and 130 km from Beijing.

It is greatly convenient to be reached from other cities home and abroad, and also easy to transfer within the metropolis, by taking Tianjin airway, Tianjin railway, Tianjin waterway, Tianjin subway, Tianjin buses and Tianjin taxi.

Railways in Tianjin

Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Harbin are the two main stem railways. Tianjin-Bazhou railway is connected with Beijing-Kowloon trunk line, making Tianjin a transportation hub in north China.

Highways in Tianjin

Several national highways run through Tianjin, which connects every county and town. Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu, Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Shenyang are the three express Highways.

Airways in Tianjin

Binhai Airport is the largest cargo terminal n north China, with nearly 300 flight courses to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other major cities in China as well as to Japan.

Waterways in Tianjin

As an export oriental international sea port, Tianjin port is the largest sea port in north China, and possesses the largest container dock in the country. Over 20 ocean routes connect Tianjin with over 170 countries and regions throughout the world.

Tianjin Subway

Tianjin was the second city to build an underground railway in China. The Tianjin subway is composed of two systems Tianjin Metro which serves downtown Tianjin and Binhai Mass Transit a light rail rapid system that serves the Binhai New Area and TEDA. As of October 2009, the entire network of Tianjin Metro and Binhai Mass Transit has 50 stations and 4 lines.

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