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Badaling Travel Guide Map


The map below can be a travel guide for Badaling Great Wall tours. It vividly shows its fantastic scenery & precipitous topography, which can a great help for you to explore the Great Wall here.

As the first opened section of the Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall has the most comprehensive tour services. Shops and sellers abound making the visit as one of festivities. There is also a cable car as well as a Great Wall museum of Chinese History and a Great Wall Circle Vision Amphitheater for 15 minute film shows. The museum, near the Parking Ground, has a photo gallery showing all the world's famous personalities who came to climb and admire this man-made wonder.


It takes about 1-1.5 hours to climb the South part and 2-3 hours for the north part. Most travelers choose to climb the North part which is more challengeable.

Travel Guide for Badaling

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