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Beijing Ming Tombs Tour

The Ming Tombs is the largest mausoleum group in the world located some 50 kilometers north of urban Beijing at a specially selected site. 13 of the 16 Ming Dynasty Emperors along with their empresses and concubines are buried in this area. Constructed from 1409 to 1644 AD, the Ming Tombs is the place to explore China's dynastic history and imperial culture. The most famous sites at the Ming Tombs are the Sacred Road - the main road leading into the tomb complexes - and the Dingling Tomb – the only tomb whose underground palace has ever been excavated, and the Changling Tomb - the largest and best preserved of the thirteen Ming Tombs

Beijing Ming Tombs

The Sacred Way of the Ming Tombs

The sacred way, leading to the imperial tombs, means the road leading to heaven. The emperors declared to be the sons of the Heaven and would return to Heaven through this road.

Address(English):Ming Tombs in Changping District, Beijing.
How to get there:

Take subway line 13 to Lishui Bridge station and transfer to bus No.22 or 23.
take bus No. 23 or No. 345 then transfer to bus No. 314.
take bus No.919 at De Sheng Men West Stop, get off at Chang Ping Xi Guan Stop, and transfer bus No.314 and get off at Dingling Tomb Stop or Changling Tomb Stop.
Take Tourist Buses in Beijing Station or Tourist Distribution Center.


Other information:

Tel: (010) 8976 1554
      86-10-60761423 (Beijing Ming Tombs Management Office )
The Sacred Way: CNY20/person(Apr.1 to Oct.31)
                         CNY15/person(Nov.1 to Mar.31)

Chang Ling:  CNY45/person(Apr.1 to Oct.31)
                   CNY30/person(Nov.1 to Mar.31)

Ding Ling: CNY40/person(Apr.1 to Oct.31)
                CNY70/person(Nov.1 to Mar.31)

Zhao Ling: CNY30/person(Apr.1 to Oct.31)
                 CNY20/person(Nov.1 to Mar.31

Opening hours:
The Sacred Way: daily from 08:30 to 18:00
( tickets are not available at 17:30)
Chang Ling: daily from 08:30 to 17:30( tickets are not available at 17:00)
Ding Ling:   daily from 08:30 to 18:00( tickets are not available at 17:30)
Zhao Ling:  daily from 08:00 to 17:30 ( tickets are not available at 17:00)

Maps of Ming Tombs

Ming Tombs Travel Guide Map

Ming Tombs Travel Guide

Ming Tombs Location Map

Ming Tombs Location Map of Ming Tombs

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