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Beijing Subway Map / Beijing Metro Map

Beijing Subway Map & Beijing Metro System – Presently, there are six lines running through the city and around, connecting city center stops such as Tiananmen Square, Qianmen and the railway station with outlying areas.

Line 1 runs under Chang'an Avenue and its line extends from Sihuidong in the east to Pingguoyuan in the west;

Line 2 circles under the northern part of the second Ring Road, and tourists can transfer between these lines at Fuxingmen Station and Jiangguomen Station without transfer fee;

Line 5, parallel with Line 1 with four stops exchangeable with other lines: Chongwenmen, Dongdan, Yonghe Palace and Lishuiqiao;

Line 13, running from Xizhimen to Dongzhimen, passing the stations of Wudaokou, Huilongguan, Beiyuan, Shaoyaoju, and Dongzhimen;

Line 8, also the Olympic Special Line, running from the South Gate of the Forest Park to Beitucheng, and the Olympic Special Line is part of Line 8 passing the Olympic Park, and Olympic Sports Center Stadium;

Line 4, from Anhe Qiao Bei to Gongyi Xi Qiao, estimated to be open to traffic in September, 2009 with main stops: Yuanmingyuan, Beijing University East Gate, Zhongguancun, Renmin University, National Library, Beijing Zoo, Xizhimen, Xuanwumen, and South Railway Station;

Airport Express (Line 1), from Dongzhimen to Beijing Capital International Airport;

Line 10, the first phase of the whole project of 2015, from Bagou to Jinsong. There are many famous attractions worth visiting along the Line 2, such as Tiananmen Square, Yonghe Lamasery, Xiushui Market, etc. 

The price of the subway is CNY2 regardless the distance and transfer between lines while weekly or monthly passes are not available. A transportation smart card is available, and the stops are announced in both English and Chinese.

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Beijing Subway

Beijing Subway Map 2012 2013 to 2015

Beijing Subway Map 2012 to 2015

Beijing Subway Map 2012 (in Chinese)

Beijing Subway Map 2012 & Batong Line

Beijing Subway Map 2008 (in English)

Beijing Subway Map 2008 (in English)

Beijing Subway Map 2007

Beijing Subway Map 2007

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