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Chongqing in China

Chongqing Travel Maps - Located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers in southwest China, Chongqing is a port city with a long history and the important geographic location. Nowadays, Chongqing is a metropolis, one of China's four municipalities after Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin, and encompasses a wealth of water reserves, mineral resources, dense forests and abundant flora and fauna. It is becoming one of the most important tourist destinations due to the unique Yangtze Three Gorges Dam and its cultural and historical heritages. The most attractive tourist areas include Dazu Rock Carvings, Ci Qi Kou Town, General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum, Yangtze River Cruise, Chongqing Three Gorges Dam Museum, etc.

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Attractions and Places of Interest in Chongqing

  • Yangtze River Cruise (Changjiang You)
  • The Three Gorges Dam (Sanxia Daba)
  • Porcelain Village ( Ci Qi Kou)
  • Dazu Rock Carvings ( Shike )
  • Tiankeng Scenic Area (Tiankeng)
  • The People's Liberation Monument (Renmin Jiefang Jinian Bei)
  • General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum (Stilwell Jiangjun Bowuguan)
  • Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum (Chongqing Shanxia Bowuguan)

Chongqing City Attraction Maps

Chongqing City Map 2011, 2012

Chongqing Location & Topography Map

Chongqing Location & Topography

Detailed Chongqing Travel Map

Detailed Travel Map of Chongqing

Chongqing Dazu Grottoes Scenic Area Map

Map of Dazu Grottoes Scenic Area

Chongqing Tiankeng Tourist Map

Tourist Map of Tiankeng

Yangtze River Maps

Yangtze River Outline Map

Location and Outline Map of Yangtze River

Yangtze River Course Map

Yangtze River Course from Chongqing to Wuhan

Yangtze River Cruise Section Map

Map of Yangtze River Cruise Section

Detailed Yangtze River Cruise Travel Map

Tourist Map of Yangtze River Cruise

Three Gorges Cruise Berth Attractions Map

The Three Gorges Location & Attractions

Yangtze River Travel Map

Travel Map of Yangtze River

Yangtze River Excursion Map

Map of Yangtze River Excursion

Jialing River Map

Map of Jialing River

Three Gorges Dam Maps

Four Days' Three Gorges Tour Travel Map

Travel Map of Four Days' Three Gorges Tourpackage

Three Gorges Dam Sketch Map

Sketch Map of The Three Gorges Dam

Qutang Gorge Map

Map of Qutang Gorge, Three Gorges

Wu Gorge Map

Map of Wu Gorge, Three Gorges

Xiling Gorge Map

Map of Xiling Gorge, Three Gorges


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