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Detailed Tourist Map of Quanzhou City


The most detailed and comprehensive tourist map of Quanzhou City, clearly showing its overall layout. It not only presents the urban and suburb Quanzhou but also marks the surrounding counties and towns, such as Dehua County, Yongchun County, Longqiu County, Anxi County, Nan'an City, Jinjiang City, Shishi City, Jinmen County, Huian County, etc. Besides, all famous tourist attractions are also shown here, including, Kaiyuan Temple, Qingjing Mosque, Tianhou Palace, Luoyang Bridge, Mt. Qingyuan Scenic Area, Qingshui Yan Temple, Quanzhou Maritime Museum, etc.

Besides, the map also marks the railways and highways around Quanzhou City, and it can be reached by air, trains, and long-distance buses.




Tourist Map of Quanzhou City

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