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Detailed Tourist Map of Xiamen City


Here we provide a detailed and large map of Xiamen for your travel guide or business tour, which can make you get a clear idea of what the city looks like and how to travel this coastal city even before you get there. The map not only shows the location of all its tourist attractions and areas (Gulangyu Island) in this area, but also presents the streets, rivers, highways, railways, shops, hotels, and downtowns of the city. And more importantly, it provides the telephone numbers of the main public services including the police office, ambulance, etc, and offers the timetables of airlines and railways for your travel convenience and comfortable. In addition, there are a few of travel maps which clearly show the layouts of the main four counties of the city, including Tong'an, Hai Cang, Jimei Xinglin, and Jimei

More importantly, the map also marks the farms and industry zone in Xiamen City, including Putou Industry Zone, Gongzidou Industrial Zone, Hengnei Industrial Zone, Xitou Industrial Zone, Kaige Golf Couse, Baishahua Farm, Zhuba Overseas Chinese Farm, Beishan Farm, and much more.

The detailed Xiamen map can bring you wherever you want to go, providing the most comprehensive and fullest information about the economy, agriculture, industrial and service of Xiamen.

Xiamen Tourist Map

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