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Guangzhou 2009 Best Subway Map


Here is a detailed bilingual metro system map of Guangzhou, best 2009 Guangzhou Subway system, which clearly showing the subway lines in this city. There are all together 4 metro lines that form the subway network in this city: The yellow one is the Line 1, which has a length of 18.48 kilometers, and contains 16 stations, starting from Guangzhou East Railway Station and ending at Xiliang. The blue one is the Line 2, which has a length of 23.265 kilometers, and contains 20 stations, starting from Sanyuanli and ending at Wanshengwei. The Red one from Guangzhou East Railway Station to Panyu Square is the Line 3 which possesses a length of 36.33 kilometers and 18 stations. And the Green one from Wanshengwei to Nansha (this station is not in the map because of the limit space of the map) is the Line4 which owns a length of 68.96 kilometers and 18 stations, and currently, it is under constructed and will complete at the end of 2009.

However, these four subway lines cannot meet the needs of transportation. In order to solve the problem of crowded urban traffic, now the subway is under extension. Since 2004, Guangzhou subway has been extended at the speed of 35 kilometers per year. It is estimated that by 2010 Line 3, Line 4, Line 5, Line 6 and Line 8 will be all finished. The subway trains use Chinese mandarin, Cantonese and English to report station names. It is very helpful for the English-speaking passengers. Subway trains arrive at stations every about 3 minutes during the peak hour and every about 7 minutes after 21:00.

Guangzhou Metro System Map

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