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Detailed Guilin Attractions Map


We have a bilingual detailed tourist map of Guilin attractions, which clearly and vividly shows all the hot and famous attractions in this city with truly pictures, including the Cat Mountain, with an altitude of 2141.5 kilometer, is the tallest mountain in south China, the Longji Terrace, a marvelous natural phenomenon, and the Pearl of Li River – the Crown Cave, etc.. And more usefully, it maps the accurate distances between the tourist sites, and highlights the railway and highway. This map is undoubtedly an excellent travel guide for tourists. This map provides much information that you can plant your tour to Guilin by your own.

On the map, tourists can find these tourist attractions and scenic areas: the Octagan Village of Ziyuan, the No.1 Drift of Guangxi, Baoding Waterfall, Longsheng Hot Spring, Cat Mount, Ling Canal, Xiangshan Temple of Quanzhou, Longji Terrace, Huaping National Preserve, Xiongsen Bears and Tigers Mountain Villa, Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, Tombs of Jingjiang King in Ming Dynasty, Crown Cave, Guilin Li River, Silver Cave, Yangshuo, and much more.

Attractions Map

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