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Detailed Tourist Map of Gudong Waterfall


Guilin Gudong waterfall scenic area is located about 25 kilometers away from Guilin city, The ancient forest area around the waterall covers about 1000 acres and features primitive forest. Six different sizes of waterfall are scattered on the slope of mountains.

There are public buses servicing from Guilin to Gudong Waterfalls, but you cannot directly get there by taking the buses. You can just take the buses to Daxu ancient town in the bus station, and then transfer to the scenic area in Daxu.

The ticket is generally about 30 RMB, and you need rent the clothes and shoes inside the scenic area specially for the climbing up the waterfall.

On the following map, you can have a clear idea about the entire scenic area looks like before you really getting there.

Tourist Map in Detailed of Gudong Waterfall

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