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Li River Cruise Routes & Guide


Here we have an informative map for the Li River cruiser. This map clearly shows the cruise area of Li River, and famous tourist attractions along the way.

Guilin Li River Cruise is one of the most famous China cruise with Yangtze River Cruise. The cruise is generally from Guilin to Yangshuo, the centerpiece of any trip to northeastern Guangxi Province. The trip starts from the dock south of Liberation Bridge in Guilin downtown area. Otherwise some agencies will transport tourist to by a one-hour bus ride to catch the cruise. The river trip is over eighty kilometers (52 miles) long and is estimated to take seven to eight hours. The eye-feasting landscape and country scenery will never disappoint you.

It is a Chinese tradition to divide the long trip into sections (just as the Three gorges along the Yangtze River) and give each peak an imaginative name. Although some take much of your imagination to see what it is like, listening to tour guide's legendary stories behind them is a delightful experience when you are appreciating the landscapes. Most are mystical fairy and love stories. The writer choose some of the peaks and places to illustrate below. (They are presented in order of location along the River. You can also refer to our Li River Map to follow them)

Now start our impressive Li River trip from section to section. In the first section, which is from Guilin to Ox Gorge, you can enjoy the following scenery: Elephant-Trunk Hill, Rooster Fighting Hill, Pagoda Hill, Forest of Odd Shaped Peaks, Daxu Ancient Town , and Ox Gorge.

Travel Map of Li River Cruise

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