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Longsheng, located in the northeastern portion of Guangxi Province, about 89 kilometers to Guilin, is the centralized hub for about ten ethnic minority groups including Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong, etc, who thrive on farming and tourism. Longsheng boasts numerous tourist attractions helping build a thriving culture of tourism, and the highlights include: Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces located in Heping Township, Longsheng Hot Springs originating in the Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park, Huaping National Nature Reserve, and Longsheng Nanshan Prairie. Among them, Longji Rice Terraces is the most attractive, which circles around from the foot to the peak of Longji Mountain layer by layer, and was created by diligent people of local ethnic minorities about 600 years ago, and the terraces are distributed on mountains between 1,100 and 300 meters above the sea level.


Longsheng Tourist Attraction Map

Detailed Longsheng Location Map

Longji Rice Terrace Travel Map

Detailed Longji Rice Terrace Travel Map

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