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Detailed Nanning Travel Map


We have a huge and detailed map of Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi. This map is a great guide for all tourists, for it contains exhaustive information and all the tourist attractions, such as parks; hospitals, streets, roads, buildings. More usefully, it highlights the transportations in this city, for example, the railways, and the highways surrounding the center of Nanning. You never be lost in this city with this map with you, it is so informative, and helpful.

On the map, tourists can find the featured tourist attractions in Nanning city, such as, Nanning Zoo, People's Park, Guangxi Exhibition Hall, Guangxi Museum, Xinxiu Park, Shimen Forest Park, Mt. Qingxiu Scenic Area, Nanhu Park, Liusha Horticulture, Hebei Nursery, etc.

The detailed roads & streets on the map can make you find the right driving directions, including, Qingchuan Dadao, Daxue Lu, Xiuling Lu, You'ai Lu, Zhongshan Lu, Renmin Lu, Xinghu Lu, and much more.

Besides, on the map, you can also find the banks, hotels, universities, schools, hospitals, and whatever you want about the Nanning travel.

Travel Map with Detail

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