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Detailed Yangshuo Map


Below is a tourist map which gives you an idea of what Yangshuo County looks like, with its attractions, streets, roads, and grassland. In addition, it marks the directions to the big cities in Guangxi, among which are Guilin, and Liuzhou.

On the map, tourists can find all main roads & streets of Yangshuo, including Yangshuo West Street, Tangren Jie, Chengbei road, and much more.

The scenic areas in Yangshuo are: Yangshuo Park, Xiling Hill, Yulong River, the Green Lotus Peak, Pantao Hill, White Crane Hill, etc.

Yangshuo is about 25 kilometers, 9 kilometer and 10 kilometers away from Xingping town, the aged Banyan, and the Moon Hill.

Yangshuo Attractions Map

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