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Tourist Attractions surrounding Yangshuo


Here we provide a detailed map of Yangshuo, clearly showing the featured tourist attractions around Guilin Yangshuo.

The places of interests are mostly distributed along the Li River and Yulong River.

Tourists can find the Caoping Hui Nationality Town, Crown Cave, Dayuan River, Langshi Scenery, Erlang Gorge, Nine-Horse Fressco Hill, Xingping Scenic Spot, Lotus Cave, Yellow Cloth Shoal, Fishing Village, Daoguangzhou Scenery, Donglang Hill, Mushan, Shutong Hill, Big Banyan Tree, etc, which are all located around the Yangshuo Li River Section.

Along the Yulong River, you can have a visit of the Shangri-La, Yulong Bridge, Cuiping Scenery, Shikou Village, Jinlong Bridge, Xiniutang, Longtan, Moon Hill, etc.

More importantly, on the map, you can also find the bike routes, and the other towns and villages around Yangshuo county.

Tourist Guide of Yangshuo Town

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