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Yulong River & Li River Travel Map


Below is a map of Yulong River and Li River, clearly showing their location in Guilin Yangshuo.

Besides, on the map, you can find the most famous tourist attractions along the two rivers.

The places of interests along Yulong River include: Putao, Zhouzhai, Wangfu Bridge, Shangri-La, Baisha, Yulong Bridge, Xinggui Bridge, Jiuxian, Xinglong Bridge, Gongnong Bridge, Baiyan Tree, Moon Hill, etc.

The tourist attractions along Li River are Yangdi, Langkuo, Xingping, Nine Horses Painting Hill, Liugong, etc.

Moreover, on the map, tourists can have a clear idea about how to get to Guilin, Nanning, Liuzhou, and Yangshuo from these two rivers and their tourist attractions.

Yangshuo Town Tourist Map

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