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Maps of Hainan

Hainan in China

Hainan, the second largest ocean island and the smallest land province in China, is located at the south end of China, encompassing Hainan Island, Xisha archipelago, Zhongsha archipelago and Nansha archipelago. Although tourist attractions in the province lacks the grandness of the Great Wall and the mystery of the Terror-Cotta Warriors, its natural beauties have gained a good reputation among the visitors and has been widely known around the world as the "Oriental  Hawaii". The province is a multinational region with the ethnic villages of Li and Miao typically and most notable tourist destination is the Sanya City, famous for the tropical beach landscapes, with Tianya Haijiao and Dadonghai as the main landmarks.

Attractions and Places of Interest in Hainan Province

  • Wugong Temple in Haikou (Wugongci)
  • Dongjiao Coconut Plantation (Hainandongjiaoyelinshengtaiyuan)
  • Holiday Beach (Dujiashatan)
  • Shimei Bay (Shimeiwan)
  • Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area (Dongzhaiganghongshuilin)
  • Nanli Lake (Nanlihu)
  • The Tropical Ocean World (Redaihaiyanggongyuan)
  • Wuzhi Mountain (Wuzhishan)
  • Tianya Haijiao in Sanya (Tianyahaijiao)
  • Asian Dragon Bay (Yalongwan)
  • Wuzhizhou Island (Wuzhizhoudao)
  • Nanshan Temple (Nanshansi)
  • Dadonghai (Dadonghai)
  • Sanya Bay (Sanyawan)

Hainan Travel Maps

Hainan Province Map 2011, 2012

Hainan Attrations Map

Map of Hainan Attractions

Hainan Political Map

China Hainan Political Map

Top Tourist Attractions Map of Hainan

Top Tourist Attractions Map of Hainan

Sanya Travel Maps

Detailed Map of Sanya City

Detailed Map of Sanya City

Detailed Map of Sanya Tropical Beach

Detailed Map of Sanya Tropical Beach

Sanya Wuzhizhou Tourist Map

Detailed Tourist Map of Wuzhizhou

Yalong Bay Travel Map

Travel Map of Yalong Bay

Sanya Bay Tourist Map

Tourist Map of Sanya Bay

Haikou Travel Maps

Detailed Haikou Tourist Map

Detailed Travel Map of Haikou


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