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Hebei Travel Maps - Tourist Attractions

Maps of Hebei

Hebei Province in China

Hebei Province, located to the north of the Yellow River and to the east of the Taihang Mountains, has a long history, and is blessed with numerous places of historical and cultural relics and heritages. The very famous Mountain Resort of Chengde used to be the largest royal summer resort of the Qing Dynasty; the variety of brilliant and glistening temples, also called "Eight Outer Temples", are the largest imperial temples in all of China; the Mulan Paddock was used as the hunting place for the emperors of the Qing Dynasty, and now is one of the few natural grassland resorts and a very popular destination for tourists. Although the province is not the top destinations for the China tour, the Chengde Mountain Resort is surly well-famous around the world.

Attractions Places of Interest in Hebei Province

  • Chengde Mountain Resort ( Chengde Bishu Shanzhuang)
  • Great Wall at Shanhaiguan (Shanhaiguan)
  • Beidaihe Scenic Spot (Beidaihe)
  • Shanhaiguan Pass Scenic Spot in Qinhuangdao (Shanhaiguan)
  • Qing Dynasty Imperial Tombs at Zunhua and Yixian (Qingdongling & Qingxiling)
  • the Eight Outer Temples ( Waibamiao)
  • Zhaozhou Anji Bridge ( Zhaozhouqiao )

Hebei Travel Maps

Heibei Tourist Map

Detailed Map of Hebei Attractions & Places of Interest

Hebei Location & Topography Map

Map of Hebei Location & Topography

Hebei Top Attractions Map

Hebei Top Attractions Map

Chengde Travel Maps

Chengde Travel Map

Detailed Travel Map of Chengde

Chengde Tourist Attractions Map

Chinese Map of Chengde Tourist Attractions

Chengde Summer Palace Map

Sketch Map of Chengde Summer Palace

Qinhuangdao Travel Maps

Qinhuangdao City Travel Map

Enlarged Tour Map of Qinhuangdao City China

Beidaihe Tourist Map

Detailed Map of Beidaihe Attractions & Places of Interest


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