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Hong Kong Congee Dining Restaurants & Shops

Congee, commonly eaten for breakfast, is a thin porridge made with rice or any cereal boiled in water. A congee meal served hot and soft brings satisfaction and renews your energy. While it has always been seen as a kind of healthy breakfast that starts off one's day, the locals have made it into a major meal in itself with a variety of tasty ingredients that they eat around the clock, throughout the year.

Hong Kong Congee Dinging

The following is the list of the most famous shops and restaurants and their Congees.

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1. Law Fu Kee Noodle Shop (???????)

Congee with preserved eggs and lean meat is my favorite, it is simply tasty!

Located in Central, Lo Fu Kee's master chef has insisted on starting the preparation work for congee at 3am daily for the past 50 years. Using old Thai rice, crushed preserver eggs and fish bones, a hot bowl of this soft-textured congee is a wake-up call in the morning. No wonder it made the prestigious Michelin list.

2. Trusty Congee King (?????)

Trusty Congee King's fish soup congee is extra ordinary; Rabbit Fish Congee is my recommendation.

A shop specializing in serving MSG-free congee cooked with fresh fish soup. Hong Kong people love seafood and eat all kinds of fish, even fresh rabbit fish is carefully selected for the congee. The meat is sliced off the bones by hand every day to ensure that every single bite is nothing but tantalizing.

3. Sang Kee Congee Shop (??????)

Sang Kee is my favorite congee shop, and their congee is the best in town!

Sang Kee is a small old shop in an alley located in Sheung Wan. It is difficult to locate, yet people are attracted by its famous reputation". Says noted food critic Mr.Chua.At lunchtime, Sang Kee is always crowded with customers waiting for seats or takeaways. They all come here for the fragrant and soft congee with its varied ingredients, especially the rare air bladder variety which is rarely available and in limited supply. You can order whatever favorite ingredients you fancy.

4. Prince Restaurant (????)

Whenever I want a light meal, I think of a bowl of steaming hot congee!

Local celebrities and the city's elite have long been fans of the Prince Restaurant, recently cited by the Michelin Cuide. Known for its excellent dishes with abalone, ginseng and fish maw, its congee brings total satisfaction to its customers. Every day, its chef spends three hours cooking the plain congee to ensure a soft porridge. The carefully selected ingredients make for a distinct congee flavor. Such delectable choices include Congee with Crushed Meat of Leopard Coral Grouper and Congee with Kudzu and Red Dates. With a panoramic view of Victoria Harbor, diners can watch the ferries and with the giant skyscrapers serving as a stunning backdrop, this is a marvelous Hong Kong showcase.

5. Sun Kau Kee Noodle (?????)

A New Take on Traditional Congee!

Hong Kongers love hotpots, regardless of the season. Sun Kau Kee is aware of this and as such, has introduced its customers to a brand new style of Congee-based hotpot. Ingredients include hand-cut beet; tender grass carp and rare pork heart. Chicken is another choice for its tender meat. Thanks to all of these fresh ingredients, the congee is amazingly fresh and delicious! Nathan Congee and Noodles in Jordan may not be world-famous, but it is certainly a favourite with many foodies. Its congee choices are prepared traditionally, such as Congee with Chicken Pieces and Congee with Fish Fillets. Its motto is gimmick-free and simply put, 'Genuine skills, genuine ingredients. Never compromise quality for price.' No wonder, it has attracted so many local and foreign celebrities over the years. The cheerful waiters ably represent Hong Kong's hospitality.

6. Nathan Congee and Noodle (?????)

I began coming here when I was young for the congee, and I love its friendly environment!

Nathan Congee and Noodle in Jordan may not be world-famous, but it is certainly a favorite with many foodies. Its congee choices are prepared traditionally, such as Congee with Chicken Pieces and Congee with Fish Fillets. Its motto is gimmick free and simply put, "Genuine skills, and genuine ingredients. Never compromise quality for price ". No wonder, it has attracted so many local and foreign celebrities over the years. The cheerful waiters ably represent Hong Kong's hospitality.

7. Fuk Kee (????)

For Hong Kong side, we have Sang Kee. For Kowloon side, we have Fuk Kee!

Owner Mr.Ho insists on using fresh ingredients and over the years in almost six decades this has earned him the reputation of providing quality food. He believes 'No hard work, no good food' and emphasizes the key to make wonderful congee is rice quality, the right cooking time and exquisite ingredients which is e family trade secret. Never oily, the goose has a crispy skin and a fragrant aroma, giving a sharp contrast to the light-flavored congee, and each providing distinct tastes. 

8. Chan Kan Kee Restaurant (?????)

Chan Kan Kee's dishes are made in the most conventional Chiu Chow-style. I recommend the Baby Oyster Congee as well as the Marinated Goose!

For over 60 years, this authentic Chiu Chow-style restaurant upholds their premium food quality. Their Baby Oyster Congee is prepared conventionally: for starters, the pork bones and calamari are stewed for a long time to make the soup. Rice, minced meat and baby oyster's fresh from Shantou every day will then be added. Its congee is flavored with the owner's genuine passion for preparing superb food. Its famous Marinated Goose and Scrambled Eggs with Baby Oysters forms a perfect match with the congee.

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