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Cheung Chau Island & Cheung Chau Ferry


Hong Kong Cheung Chau Ferry MapHousing is mainly packed on the spit, and clustered along nearby hillsides - so most Cheung Chau folk are just a few minutes'walk from the main ferry pier, which links the island to the outside world (Central is just 35 minutes away by fast ferry, around 50 minutes on a larger, slower ferry). Further away, the hills and coasts are relatively wild, and scenic.

Arriving by ferry, you'll pass through the typhoon shelter, with the many fishing boats, and then leave the pier to find yourself on the main waterfront road, the Praya. On your left, around a couple of hundred metres away, is the Pak Tei Temple, dedicated to Cheung Chau's "patron saint", Pak Tei - the Northern King. Visiting this, you can also wander some of the island's narrow streets, perhaps checking out small stores, and a shrine to an Earth God who looks after his district.

Walk straight ahead from the ferry pier, and just on the right is a road that will quickly take you across the spit, to the main, Tung Wan Beach. This is a fine beach for swimming in summer - it's hardly pristine, but the water is usually cleaner than at many Hong Kong beaches.

Turn right at Tung Wan, and there's the Windsurfing Centre on a tiny headland: there's a small band of windsurfers who are regulars here (the owner's niece even won Hong Kong's only gold Olympic medal, for windsurfing), and you can hire windsurfers as well as sea kayaks.

Map of Hong Kong Cheung Chau & Ferries

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